World Backup Day: Take the Pledge

World Backup Day: Take the Pledge

On March 31st, the entire world celebrates World Backup Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness on cyber threats and crimes, and ways users can protect their data.

In celebration of this day, the page posted information on how backups can literally save our digital lives, whether we’re talking about devices owned by companies or individuals.

According to them, 83% of people own a computer and 89% own a mobile phone all over the world. However, 30% of people never did a data backup and, for the remaining ones, backup is not a priority (only 1 in 4 people make regular backups).

This is alarming!

What Is a Backup?

In simple terms, a backup is a copy of all your important files (documents, pictures, projects, sketches, and so on) stored away, in a safe location. Now, most users (both individuals and companies) assume that, just because they use a cloud service, their data is safe.

However, the risk of the cloud being breached or failure of hosting servers is still there, so it’s a good idea to use an alternative backup method.

Moreover, data loss is a lot more common than we realize, and when it happens to us, it can be too late. For instance, both individuals and companies run the risk of device failure (computers, phones, tablets, and others), lost or stolen devices, hacking and various cyber-attacks.

Everyone is Vulnerable

Sadly, most people don’t believe they can be affected by data loss, so why not try an imagination exercise.

If it were to irrecoverably lose every bit of data you own, would you miss it? Would your life become uncomfortable?

If the answer is yes, it’s time to think about backing up. The situation is a lot more serious when it comes to businesses and the data they handle on a daily basis. Just last year (in 2018), both private and public institutions suffered from a wide range of attacks that lead to personal data leaks.

The sad part is that companies’ lack of interest when it comes to IT security affected people worldwide, not just the employees or the CEOs.

How to Do a Backup?

Backup for individuals can be done using an external USB drive or a secure location on the Internet (not a cloud service, though). However, when it comes to companies, the situation changes, and owners must take more extensive actions.

For this, here you can find a list of best practices for server backups (using the 3-2-1 rule) which we implement with all our customers and have a high rate of success.

We can also offer tips and assistance on how to backup your workstations or how to backup your NAS. Our team of experts is highly qualified in implementing the right type of backup solutions that will work best with your current situation, so make sure to get in touch with us!

Even more, we offer a free backup review to businesses that contact us, so stop wasting time and reach out for help with your backup needs!

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