The Virtual Chief Technology Officer: SMBs best bet for Growth and Development

The Virtual Chief Technology Officer: SMBs best bet for Growth and Development

Many small to medium size businesses (SMB’s) don’t invest time or assign a budget for the IT department. Even more, SMB’s will often ignore the need for an in-house or outsourced IT expert to consult and give strategic advice on how the business can grow by leveraging IT.
The main reason behind this lack of interest towards technology and its efficiency for development and growth is the cost involved. And we understand! A full-time employee is quite expensive for most businesses and often times, not necessary.
But what if you could get just the right amount of assistance and advice, without getting too deep in the company’s pocket?

The Virtual CTO

Simply put, the Virtual CTO is a Chief Technology Officer, at your disposal, that you pay only when you need their services.
For instance, SMBs today need to make sure security is at a high level and continuously reviewed, especially with regards to the new mandatory data breach notification laws. For this, they can call the services of a Virtual CTO that will put in place a system and then only require their assistance during maintenance or troubleshooting. A Virtual CTO can also find new and better ways to improve efficiency and get better results with collaboration, by recommending and installing the tools that will facilitate this.

What services can a Virtual CTO perform?

The market comes with lots of offers, but not all of them are legit. Overall, a Virtual CTO service (like the one offered by Online Helper) can do the following and more:

    • A thorough analysis of the business models, resources, and infrastructure.
    • Offers suggestions for improving your system efficiency.
    • Advice and help on how to make the most out of the new technologies in order to increase outcome and improve efficiency.
    • You will be able to make informed technology decisions and you’ll get help in managing any new technology you implement.
    • Unbiased technical consultation for your technology-related problems.
    • Makes sure you’ll get the highest ROI (return on investment) for all your technology investments
    • Takes care of equipment maintenance to increase ROI.
    • You’ll have the chance to save on costs because you’ll use the right technology.
    • Manages your vendor relationships and negotiations and will represent your company’s interest in new purchases.
    • Ensures correct software solutions are designed and developed.
  • Manages your technology projects.

Why should SMBs get a Virtual CTO?

In our experience, the guidance of a Virtual CTO can help maximize the ROI in IT equipment, training, and other similar activities. Even more, you have access to a team of experts for less the cost of a full-time employee.
As a business manager, you’ll have the possibility to focus on your duties and set aside the IT-related problems. You don’t have to worry about the type of technology and the new updates as there will be someone to help you through this. And the presence of a Virtual CTO will be felt in performance boosts and increased revenue (now you’re ahead of your competitors). With the right technology, your business will be the one holding the advantage.

Onsite Helper’s Virtual CTO offer

Onsite Helper offers a Virtual CTO for businesses who are on our Managed Services packages. A dedicated Virtual CTO (a professional from our team of experts) will meet with you monthly or quarterly to constantly review and execute the CTO services we discussed above and to ensure continuous business improvements and success.
For more information or if you are interested in this service, please email us at or call 03 9999 3106

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