United in the Fight to Save Australia’s Treasures & People

United in the Fight to Save Australia’s Treasures & People


Together, we can make an impact

Australia is going through extremely difficult times, and it’s up to us, local businesses and individuals, to come together in an effort to make things better!

The Onsite Helper team is joining in the fight to save, protect, and rebuild wildlife habitats and affected communities. We do so by donating funds that will help support the efforts of the people who work hard to save our unique wildlife and land, but also the affected communities.

For this, we joined the B1G1 platform (Buy1 Give1) and support two of the projects that help fund the efforts of organizations that are actively involved in managing the situation.

Onsite Helper will donate 100% of the first month’s invoice for every new Managed Services or Google Workspace Management service to the below charities.

Support Wildlife Injured by the Australian Bushfires

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors work hard to help and treat animals affected by the bushfires. Of course, considering the magnitude of the destructions and the huge number of animals in danger, they are in dire need of funds for supplies, spaces where the animals can recover, and personnel to keep going with their activity.

In Google Workspace, admins have the possibility to enforce 2SV on new accounts. Still, there is the option of a grace period for new accounts. It’s a good idea to make the grace period a week or two as it is difficult for new employees to setup 2SV on their first login.


As such, we want to donate 100% of the first month’s invoice for every new Google Workspace Management user, to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

Find out more about the project

Help Communities Affected by Australian Bushfires

With over 10 million hectares burned from almost all states and territories, the efforts to rebuild are more necessary than ever! BlazeAid is working hard to rebuild structures and fences in affected communities, which is why we wanted to support their efforts

So, for every new device on Managed Services, we would like to offer 100% of the first month’s invoice to this project.

Find out more about the project

The B1G1 Platform

This platform offers small and medium-sized businesses a chance to impact the lives of people in their community with every business transaction they make. As such, by using the Buy 1 Give 1 system, both the companies and their customers can participate in creating positive changes in the world.

Find out more about B1G1

We will be running this campaign for the next six months to support Australia, and invite all our clients to be a part of it!

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