The real cost of IT issues

The Real Cost of IT Issues

Have you ever thought about what the real costs are when it comes to your IT issues?

Research conducted by CIO magazine shows that IT downtime costs Australian organisations $65.5 billion per year, and that the average organisation experienced more than three working days of unexpected downtime per year.

Most businesses experience downtime or loss of data due to Hacking/malicious infections or IT hardware not being maintained
It’s well known that SMB’s represent the best ROI for cybercriminals. This is because they have poor security, no internal IT expertise and therefore are easy and vulnerable targets.

SMB’s rely on their staff to be productive so that the business can get maximum value for the wages they pay. The business must play its part in this by providing efficient, reliable and performant computer systems so that staff have no excuses for low productivity.

    • IT hardware needs to be maintained: Computers, servers and network gear are like cars. If they don’t have regular maintenance, they will run slow or break down
    • Data integrity must be safeguarded
    • Data must be kept secure
  • Computers internal hygiene must be maintained so that programs can run efficiently

The costs of downtime are usually quite a lot more than you would expect.
To find out how much downtime or an It disaster could cost your business, please have a look at the IT disaster calculator here

I have run an example of a typical small business with 10 employees, and here we can see the costs associated in an IT disaster such as

    • loss of productivity and missed opportunity
    • Employee salary costs
  • Overhead costs

This gave a total of $8,410

However it doesnt include the IT support company like us to do the recovery work, which is likely to be an extra $1,000.

If the business was unable to retrieve all the backup data or data was leaked to hackers then the costs could be significantly greater, especially with the new mandatory data breach notification laws that would mean you need to declare the data breach to the public and your clients or face fines of upto $1.8 million. This could lead to a loss of clients as well.
So as you can see there are many hidden costs when it comes to your IT issues. Its far more cost effective to be proactive with your IT by maintaining, monitoring and having a high level of security.  

Onsite Helper can provide this for your business by implementing our 8 layered security package as part of our new managed services offerings. We will ensure your IT network is well taken care of to prevent these issues from happening in the first place.
If you would like a free review of how we can improve your IT by being proactive, please click this link or call 1300 889 839

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