The Perfect Home-Based Team

Sure enough, you’ve heard about the Great Resignation. Almost all of the businesses around the world shifted to a work from home setup when the pandemic started. Creating a perfect home-based team has suddenly became a top priority. However, a spike of resignation happened among mid-career workers. Most importantly, people resigned mainly due to two reasons: burnout from the changes and confusion by the new work setting.

To avoid the Great Resignation, your organisation must have the right technology and IT security, centering on smooth collaboration, clear communication, and safe file management.

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The right technology for a home-based team must be simple for the easy usage of all staff members, such as the Google ecosystem. 

With that, Onsite Helper, a Melbourne-based business IT support providers, can help you integrate Google Workspace into your organisation. We can help you attain:

1. Smoother communication through Chats. 

2. Faster collaboration and real-time document editing.

3.  Powerful email system that allows you to search for any messages pronto. 

Moreover, we can also help you adapt to Chromebooks, especially when deemed necessary by your organisation. In addition, we promise you that your workforce will be much faster and more productive! 

Onsite Helper can turn your team into the perfect home-based team. Reach us today!

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