The new Security Centre for G-Suite

The New Security Centre for G-Suite

Managing your business’ security has become a lot easier with the introduction of the new Security Centre for G-Suite. This new feature provides a summary view of your security in a fast and easy to understand dashboard manner, and gives you the power to see potential risks before they become a reality.

The dashboard provides security analytics and personalised advice on how to further protect your users, features which will benefit your online security immensely.

With the “bird’s eye view” of your security accessible from the dashboard, you are able to look into any suspicious device activity – ie. users logging in from unfamiliar places, an insight into how your users and the frequency that they are being targeted by spam and malware, and statistics on the effectiveness of your security.

With the ability to view security analytics, keeping one step ahead of possible threats is a time-saving advantage. For example, by having access to seeing how spam is affecting your users, you are then able to specifically target any attacks directed towards persons at high risk.

Security Health provides customised advice on how to better protect your users and data by analysing your current security. For instance, you can receive tips on how to better store your data or on how to most effectively share files.

This feature is currently only available to G Suite Enterprise license and they will be able to access the Security Centre within a few days, speak to us about upgrading your license to G Suite Enterprise for this great feature and many others. For some time now we have been offering a similar service for our clients on our Managed Services agreement. We utilise Google Reports to get similar insights and make recommendations as needed. Google Reports are available in G Suite basic & G Suite business. It is very important to be on top of security, especially when operating in the cloud and storing all your data there!

For more information, feel free to send us an email at or call 03 9999 3106.

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