The New Face of Gmail: An Overview of its Freshly Introduced Features

The New Face of Gmail: An Overview of its Freshly Introduced Features

Gmail is well-known all over the world as it is part of the veteran apps Google launched when they first started to expand. Sadly, it’s also one of the apps that didn’t get a redesign in the last five years, which is quite appalling if you think that there are about 1.4 billion users logging in on a daily basis.
But in April, Google finally launched a redesign with new features and interesting capabilities that will make sending and receiving emails a bit more fun. As usual, we want to keep our readers and clients up to date, so below you can read about all the changes that should show up in your favorite email client.


While the feature is not new in the world of email clients (Mailbox has it since 2013), for Gmail it is a new addition. Starting with this update, Gmail users will have the possibility to use the Snooze button, which can be a great tool when you’re not yet prepared to deal with certain emails, but you don’t want to lose track of them.

Side Panels

From now on, you will have access to miniature versions of Google Calendar, Tasks, and Keep in a right-hand sidebar. This feature allows you to take notes, create to-do lists, and even make appointments without having to switch tabs in your browser.
As a final addition, you can now create a to-do item by simply dragging an email into Tasks.

AI-based nudging

We’re sure this happened to you: you read an email, you make a mental note that you should reply during the day, but you get busy with other things (meetings, planning, budgeting, and so on) that you completely forget about it for the following two weeks. When you remember, it’s already too late and the business opportunity just went through your fingers!
To avoid this from happening, Gmail will introduce a feature called Nudging, where AI-based software will sort through your emails and nudge you about the ones that look important.

Smart Reply

This is another feature coined to save time for busy people, such as business managers. The cool thing is that the AI behind this will create replies that don’t look automatic or out of context. For instance, if you want to reply to an email that asks you about a meeting on Monday, you’ll just have to press a button and the response will be ‘Monday works for me’ or ‘Monday is not a good fit for me, let’s set another date’.
The idea is that Gmail’s AI can create human-readable replies based on the context of the email and your intention.

Assistive Unsubscribe

This feature will make a note of the emails you don’t actually read, but receive on a regular basis, and will suggest unsubscribing from them. While Gmail already has the option to highlight the Unsubscribe link in an email, this is one step further and helps you keep a clean Inbox.

Attachment Links in the Inbox

If you have to sort through a ton of emails every day, you will definitely appreciate this feature that brings attachment links to the Inbox level. This means you don’t have to click on the email and scroll through the body to see the attachment – you can just click on it without even opening the email!
All in all, this is definitely a time-saver!

Priority Notifications

We already have the possibility to filter out the way we get our email by using tabs in the Inbox section, but Gmail takes this one step further and adds a feature where you will only be notified about the most important emails. While the feature is not yet available, we must highlight the fact that the idea is not new, and has been successfully implemented by other email clients.

Hover Actions

As a busy entrepreneur, it’s sometimes difficult to look for certain functions, which is why the Hover Actions are more than welcome! From now on, when you hover over an email, you’ll be presented with a series of options such as delete, archive, mark as read, and more.
This feature allows you to work through a huge list of emails rather fast, so it saves you plenty of time.

A Few Final Words

As you can see, Gmail is growing up and the new features make it a more comprehensive and easy-to-use platforms for busy people and businesses. If you like these features and can’t expect to see them implemented in your Inbox, we have a quick guide that can guide you through the process of activating the new Gmail.

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