Support a Good Cause & Recycle Computers Responsibly

Support a Good Cause & Recycle Computers Responsibly


Let’s face it – the modern world runs on computers. Whether we’re talking about high-capacity servers, cloud-based services, business PCs, or personal PCs, our lives orbit around technology.

We use computers at home, at work, at school, while commuting (smartphones are basically miniaturized computers), and almost every daily task requires tech involvement. In fact, the technological revolution in civilised countries shaped the world we enjoy today. Without computers, there will be no online payments, working remotely, or making friends all over the globe (just a few aspects out of so many). Our lives would be completely different, and probably less rich and diverse.

Still, the technology we now take for granted is completely missing in developing areas of the globe. Just try to imagine going through school and even university without ever using a computer – how would you be able to get a good job in a world where computer skills are required in almost every position?

That’s why we, the team at Onsite Helper decided to join the Computers for Congo charity organisation. Their mission is to help connect people with technology by gathering old computers (outdated in our world) from businesses, schools, universities, and other organisations and shipping them, for donation, to Congo.

The computers they gather are repaired (if necessary), wiped up (to avoid any accidental data breach), tested and then delivered to a Congo institution or individual to be used for education and business purposes. As such, technology that usually gets to the landfill can be repurposed for a noble cause.

What’s even more encouraging, it doesn’t cost the donors one single penny and the entire process helps reduce the amount of tech-related toxins that reach the environment.

Onsite Helper’s Involvement

Through the nature of our business, we are always in contact with technology and our businesses or organizations that own and use computers in their activity. As such, whenever a customer is looking for an upgrade (new computers), we offer to recycle the old ones without any additional cost to them.

We’re also taking the responsibility of wiping all the data and checking for any possible security breaches before the computers are being shipped to Congo.

As such, companies that accept this deal not only help support an entire nation, but also join the fight for a clean environment. So, if you’re interested in making a technological donation (outdated hardware), please get in touch with us or the Computers for Congo charity.

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