Real-Time Notifications On Your Google Apps For Work Account Activity

Real-Time Notifications On Your Google Apps For Work Account Activity

Since today’s technology offers us the possibility to connect to our Google Apps for Work accounts from a wide range of devices, there’s always the danger of corrupting the accounts. For instance, one can forget to log out of the account or the device may be infected with keylogs. Regardless of the situation, the entire account is in danger and your personal or financial data may be at risk.

To prevent this from happening Google released an update on their security features. From now on, you can use 2-Step Verification and Single Sign-On to keep your account safe. They also keep you up to date via Android notifications with what’s happening with your account in real time.

How does it work?

First, when you add a new device to your Google account, you will receive a notification on your Android device.

Android notification for newly added device

If you don’t recognize the account, but you’re not the only one using it, you can click on ‘Review Account Activity’ and learn more about the device. You will get the type of device, the location, and more. If the device is legit, just dismiss the notification.


If not, you can click on ‘No, Secure Account’ and Google will automatically block that device from accessing your account.
This feature is being automatically rolled out to all Android users who have Google Apps for Work setup on their devices. It may take upto 2 weeks for you to receive this update.

Why is this interesting?

Well, the main benefit out of this update is the fact that you have complete control over your Google account. Even though you consider notifications annoying, this system could save you or your company from a lot of trouble.
Even more, it was found that users are more inclined to check the notifications received on Android than the ones received via email.

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