Block Hour Purchases

VIP IT Support (Guaranteed response in under 4 hours)

The VIP IT Support package is ideal for businesses with any level of IT support services requirement that want fast resolution of their IT issues without the need or cost of monitoring or maintenance.

This package has:

  • SLA of 4 hour response time to email/ticket
  • Immediate access to technician on phone if available

Blocks purchased3hr5hr10hr20hr50hr100hr
Rates/hr EX GST$195$185$171$163$156$146
Total upfront payment EX GST$585$925$1,710$3,260$7,800$14,600
Expiry date (months)#N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Percentage savings05.15%12.31%16.41%20.00%25.13%
General Help desk support (typical response time 8 – 48 hrs)

For businesses who want to have the flexibility and cheapest rate for IT support services and do not require immediate resolution of their IT issues, this type of support is ideal.

Blocks purchased3hr5hr10hr20hr50hr100hr
Rates/hr EX GST$165$150$145$137$129$119
Total upfront payment EX GST$495$750$1,450$2,740$6,450$11,900
Expiry date (months)#N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
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After hours (emergency support)

Monday to Friday

18:00 – 23:00

$248 per hour or 1.5 * prepaid hours (minimum 1 hour)


13:00 – 23:00

$413 per hour or 2.5 * prepaid hours (minimum 1 hour)

Saturday & Sunday

09:00 – 17:00

$248 per hour or 1.5 * prepaid hours (minimum 1 hour)


17:00 – 09:00

$413 per hour or 2.5 * prepaid hours (minimum 1 hour)

Public holidays

All day / night

$578 per hour or 3.5 * prepaid hours (minimum 1 hour)

IT Security Audits Services

Comprehensive IT Security Audit services are a great way to determine vulnerabilities that may exist in your business. You will have a security expert visit your business and perform the audit of your choosing. All Audit Packages include internet/network, backup and email audit. A report will then be provided to you with recommended action plan.

Micro or cloud Business audit $299Network Attached Storage (NAS) Business audit $399Windows/Mac Server business audit $499

For details of what’s included in the IT security Audit services please click here

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