Would you like to visit Google’s Office in Melbourne? On July 18th, you have the chance to see the office and enjoy a free seminar hosted by Onsite Helper!

We invite you at 161 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, between 11.30am and 1.30pm to talk about your business and how to make it better with the help of G Suite solutions.   

Here’s what to expect from this meeting:

How is Technology Changing Traditional Business Models?

Modern technologies change the way we work and offer new ways to make us more productive. We also have the opportunity to be up to date with changes in the market that may affect the way we do business and keep in touch with team members even when we’re miles away.

We’ll talk about the devices and solutions that can make things move faster and smoother for your business.

Real-Life Examples

We’re not just talking the talk; we’re also walking the walk!

Come to our seminar on July 18th and learn how our team worked helped a property developer with 20+ active projects to get organized with modern technologies. Learn how they used Google Cloud to their advantage to keep up with their rapid growth!

A Real Talk About Google Cloud

Our experts will help you understand if and why Google Cloud is the best choice for your business. We’ll also talk about the ways the platform is different from the competition as it will make your business’s workflow:

  • Faster, due to a more efficient organization and work system
  • Smarter, due to real-time reports based on data collected from your activity
  • More open to collaborative work

Our Proven Formula for Success

Onsite Helper created an easy-to-implement formula when it comes to moving Construction & Building companies to G Suite.  

We call it the 3 C’s of Construction:

  • Convergence
  • Collaboration
  • Continuity

Are you curious to learn more about each? Attend our free seminar to learn more!

Keep your Business Secure

The threat of cyber-attacks on small and medium-sized businesses is more real than ever! Even more, the legal environment is changing, increasing placing more responsibility on the business owner when it comes to security and data breaches.

Are you prepared to face the threat?

We’ll talk about the subject of online threats and how Google solutions use machine learning to stop out the millions of threats that show up online every minute.

Do you find these topics interesting and useful for your business? Then we’re expecting your participation on July 18, at the Google Office in Melbourne! To let us know about your intentions and to book a seat, please register here

Lunch is on us!

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