New Google Meet Hardware For Better Collaboration

Do you love using Google Meet for work and leisure, at home, in your office, in a cafe, or anywhere? You’re in luck! Google recently announced two new Google Meet hardware devices that will level up your Google Meet experience.

The new series One Desk 27 and One Board 65 are Google Meet’s new video conferencing devices. Let’s find out more about these in this article!

Series One Desk 27

The Series One Desk 27 is Google’s all-in-one touchscreen collaboration device that’s specifically built for Google Meet. It’s made by Avocor and is part of the Series One program.

As implied by its name, the Series One Desk 27 features a 27-inch touchscreen display. It comes with custom mics, speakers, and a camera best for video conferencing. On top of being a Google Meet device on its own, it also doubles as a monitor. In addition, the ports on this device include a USB-A, USB-C, and HDMI.

Aside from being powered by Chrome OS to meet its Google Meet requirements, the Series One Desk 27 is unlike any traditional all-in-one computer. The 27-inch touchscreen features a 1440p, 16:9 display. It’s capable of automatically adjusting the colour and brightness for ambient lighting conditions. Moreover, it comes with a stylus that doubles as a whiteboard.

Series One Desk 27

You can add the Series One Desk 27 to your Google Workspace work-from-home setup. However, word of warning, it’s going to cost you more bucks than you’ve expected. Why? Google’s vision for the Series One Desk 27, is to have them wall-mounted in conference rooms where group meetings will be held. Lastly, this 27-inch touchscreen device is definitely more enterprise-focused being priced at $1,999.

Series One Desk 27

Series One Board 65

The Series One Board 65 is a 65” 4K video conferencing hardware. It can quickly turn any room into a space for productive video collaboration. This device is a great addition to your Google Workspace setup. Moreover, it features a built-in Jamboard app that is best for easy collaboration with colleagues. In addition, it can be paired with a stylish mobile stand allowing you to place the Series One Board 65 pretty much anywhere in a room.

Series One Board 65

Also built by Avocor, the Series One Board 65 provides a crystal clear display with its 65” UHD LCD screen. Freely sketch, annotate, and whiteboard the touchscreen display using the 2 ultra-low-latency passive styluses or your fingers. Additionally, the built-in Google AI automatically frames the participants of the meetings clearly with the 12-megapixel camera.

Series One Board 65

Other New Google Meet Devices

On top of the new Series One Desk 27 and new Series One Board 65, Google also announced new 3rd-party devices that are joining the Google Meet hardware ecosystem. Google has certified Logitech’s Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini for Google Meet. Both will allow you to use them directly for Google Meet, with no necessary integration or attachment to a computer or laptop.

Logitech Rally Bar

Moreover, Appcessori is launching the Rayz Rally Pro – a new mobile device speaker. This will automatically enhance the audio experience of your video conferences using Google Meet.

Rayz Rally Pro designed for Google Meet

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