New G Suite Updates to Make your Job Easier

New G Suite Updates to Make your Job Easier

G Suite is constantly improving based on feedback received from customers, which is why new updates are constantly rolling out. For this month (updates were released on December 10th), Google offers three new features, that will impact both admins and end users.

#1: Devices Inventory

Nowadays most companies provide devices for their employees, from laptops to smartphones, to tablets and others. And, when the number of employees gets bigger, it can be difficult to keep track of each device.

Given that these are connected to your company network and may contain important data, it is of crucial importance to know if one or more devices have gone missing. So, as the administrator of the IT department, it is your job to create an inventory of all devices and report on any of the missing ones.

With the new update, it will become easier to create an inventory of all devices using the Admin console. And, to create the list, all you need is a CSV file with the devices and their serial numbers. After the update, you’ll also be able to upload End Point Verification devices, not just Android ones.  

Everything you add will show up in the company-owned devices list.

Quick note: After the update, uploading Endpoint Verification devices will work in all G Suite editions while uploading Android devices will work in G Suite Business, Education, Enterprise, and Enterprise for Education editions only

#2: View Google Calendar Attachments in Hangouts Meet

To improve collaborative work, with the new update, you will be able to open an attachment from Google Calendar. The feature works on the wen and in the mobile app and can come in handy when you want to discuss the details of a document.

This update is designed to improve the business activity of al end users and will be available on all G Suite versions.

#3: Improved Group Management

This feature is designed to make admins’ lives a bit easier by offering more details on each group in the Admin console. The information is displayed via helpful cards which you can click to learn more and access new options to manage the group, such as:

The 10 most-used group settings are accessible in the console

You no longer have to use a separate workflow for:

  • Access settings (who can view, publish, who can contact owners, and more);
  • Membership settings (who can add, approve, or invite members);
  • Who can join a group;
  • If users outside the organization can join a group.

Improved Management of Group Members

In the members card you’ll find better ways to manage the members of a group, such as bulk import/export of members using a CSV file, add or remove members, search and filtering options, changing roles individually or in bulk.


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