New Drive Update: Priority Page to Increase Focus & Productivity

New Drive Update: Priority Page to Increase Focus & Productivity

If you feel like half your day is wasted digging through files, looking for resources, or failing to find files that are relevant to your needs, Google Drive has your back!

To make sure you and your employees don’t lose focus, Google has recently launched the Priority Page for Drive users. Here, you’ll find the most relevant files for your work (established based on an algorithm that learns your habits) and suggestions that can help increase productivity.

Users have the chance to make the page more relevant to them by sorting and organizing the files and resources.

Priority Page is available to Google Workspace users using the left navigation panel in Drive.

Furthermore, users can make this their default page, by tweaking the settings (using the gear icon, in the upper-right corner).

Features You’ll Enjoy

The main purpose of this page is to increase the efficiency of your work by providing an organized space where it’s easy to pick up a project from where you left it.

As such, there are two main categories to follow here: Priority & Workspaces.


This space is dominated by a machine-learning algorithm that follows your activity and learns about your habits. The result is a dashboard filled with documents that are most relevant to your current work.

Even more, the space provides various in-line activities such as replying to a comment or reviewing edits without having to navigate to the document and check of new edits.


Here, you have the chance to organize several projects and make them and the files that are relevant to them a lot more accessible. The good news is that you won’t just be working with local files; you can also include content from Team Drives and My Drive.

In fact, to add a file to a specific Workspace is just as simple as right-click on the file and select Add to Workspace!

Wrap Up

The new feature is already available on Google Workspace Basic, Google Workspace Business, and Google Workspace Enterprise, and is scheduled to be implemented on Google Workspace for Education, Google Workspace Enterprise for Education, and Google Workspace for Nonprofits.

Once implemented, the feature will be ON all the time, but users still have the option to let it sit in the background. However, we think this is a fantastic opportunity to bring more organization into your work and the work of your employees.

It’s easy to implement, and it makes work with scattered file a lot easier and less time-consuming.

A good idea is to host a Google Workspace training session for staff to learn about this new feature and other recent Google Workspace updates. You can contact you Google Workspace partner, Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Onsite Helper to do the training for you.


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