Microsoft Postpones October Windows 10 Update after Several Serious Issues

Microsoft Postpones October Windows 10 Update after Several Serious Issues

Microsoft was caught off-guard by their own Windows 10 update, when thousands of users complained that the installation deleted important user files. Furthermore, something similar happened in April this year, when the update was delayed by a bug – still in this case, the issues were caught before the software was released to the public.
In light of these events, we must highlight the importance of a full backup before allowing any update to install. Regardless of the fact that there are any known issues or not, an update will save you a lot of headache!
If you’re not sure how to perform a full backup for all the systems in your business network, give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process.
Now that we got this out of the way, let’s discuss the changes the October Windows 10 update will bring for both personal and business users.

Use your Phone and Computer Together

Windows 10 already had an app called Phone Companion designed to help you control the smartphone using your computer. With the update, the app will become Your Phone and will make it easier to send SMS from your phone using the computer and sync photos between devices. As you can imagine, the app works best with Android phones and has limited features on iPhones.
Microsoft plans more features that will make synchronization between computer and phone a lot easier, facilitating work on the go.

Improved Screenshot Tool

A screenshot tool is something we all love to have access to. It makes it easier to pinpoint ideas and share details when working with a team. It’s also a fantastic tool for individual users, and Microsoft’s Snip & Sketch tool proved to be quite impressive.
With the update, you get two new features:

    • Drawing out a section of the screen
  • A full-screen button to get everything

You can also add annotations, crop the image, and make other edits.

Clipboard Cloud

It works on multiple devices (where you’re logged in using the Microsoft ID) and stores items and actions you may need in the future. To use the feature, simply turn history and syncing on from System à Clipboard.
Using Win + V, users can explore the Clipboard Cloud and decide which items to pin, to make sure they don’t get lost. This is great when you’re working with multiple files and you move from one file to another.

Improved Search

After the update, you should also see a more complex search feature in the taskbar. Users will have access to apps, settings, and the web, which saves a lot of time when you’re looking for various items. The new search panel offers access to shortcuts and recent file history as well as some Cortana suggestions.

Better Update Timing

Updates are useful, but most users will rather skip or postpone running one because it never seems to be the right time. To avoid this behaviour, the latest Windows 10 update adds a bit more machine learning algorithms in the update process.
From now on, the OS will know when it’s most likely for your devices to be idle and when it’s most convenient to install an update and when to launch a system reboot. They’re also working on speeding up the updating process, so you won’t have to wait for your devices to restart.

Other Tweaks

Besides the ones mentioned above, here are other novelties brought on by the October update:

    • Improved Game Bar – Mostly used by gamers, this tool receives a cleaner look and allows users to control individual audio channels without leaving the game.
    • A Better Microsoft Edge – the new update brings a lot for this browser, starting with new themes and a cleaner interface overall.
    • More emojis.
  • Dark Mode for File Explorer.

Overall, most new features benefit individual users, but businesses also have a lot to gain from better search tools and synchronization with other devices. Of course, there are other things happening in the background, but these are the features that will stand out the most.

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