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We understand all the daily pressure of running a medium-sized business. The last thing you need is IT issues that you can’t manage on the spot.

Investing in our managed IT services and solutions at Onsite helper, will not only relieve you of the stress of managing IT systems and services within your business, but it will also provide you with long-term managed IT support.

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Onsite Helper- Managed IT Solutions

Our team of experts at Onsite Helper are highly trained professionals in managed IT services for small and medium-sized businesses.

As your committed managed service providers, we guarantee high quality IT services and maintenance, as well as regular system and service monitoring.

We  also make sure that all of your information and data remains safe and secure at all times. We manage and prevent any potential threats to your IT systems. 

What Managed IT solutions for medium-sized coporations we provide?

We offer three main IT services and support systems for your business. These are:

Managed security: We ensure that all your computers and operating systems are regularly monitored and protected from potential threats. This makes sure that all information and data are well secured.

Cloud hybrid: Our cloud hybrid solutions cover a variety of IT support services such as management of antivirus, computer data backup, cloud licensing web protection and regular maintenance. All of these services can be completed both onsite and remotely.

Complete management: This covers all areas of IT support needs and services for your business. All of these can be completed both onsite and remotely and are part of a fixed monthly cost.


Onsite Helper-Managed Security Solutions

Managed Security

All your servers and computers’ security are covered

Onsite Helper-Cloud Services

Cloud Hybrid

All the benefits of Managed security, plus cloud licencing and some support included

Complete Management

The ultimate package which takes care of all your Business IT needs. Get some peace of mind with a fixed monthly cost!

We create that ‘in-house’ feel for all middle level business in Australia. 

While we are not physically present in your business every day, we still aim to create an ‘in-house’ environment in providing you our services. You can trust us to be available and contactable at any time during your regular working day. If you have some concerns in line with hardware, software, backups, operating systems, etc., you can reach us immediately! 

You and your business’ IT needs are our top priority. 

As a trusted managed service provider, we work within a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 4 hours. This means we aim to record, respond and resolve any of your IT issues within 4 hours of receiving your call.


We offer a response time SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 4 hours. This means we need to respond and start work on your issue (if applicable). This ensures clients on SLA packages are top priority.

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We monitor the health of your computers and servers (see details below). The Managed Security package does not include applying fixes to the issues so we will notify you of the issue and provide a quote to fix. The Cloud Hybrid Managed and Complete Management do include free fixes to the issues identified.

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We either come to your office or perform the maintenance remotely. This is necessary to keep your computers and servers fast and secure, and will extend their operational life, which translates in lower investments in hardware equipment.

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Our role as Virtual CTOs is to align your organization’s IT strategy with its overall objectives. As such, we will be your trusted advisors, making sure your business is moving forward with technology and IT is being managed well.

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We often find that businesses, regardless of their size, are at risk of data loss as their backup system is non-existent, incomplete or not working as it should. The issue of a backup strategy tends to get into focus only when something bad happens, but by this stage it may be too late. Onsite Helper follows the best practices recommended by specialists and manages the backups for a wide range of businesses (whether backing up onsite, offsite, or cloud services). For instance, we follow the 3-2-1 rule to keep your data safe in any failure scenario. As such, important data should have at least 3 copies, stored on different media, and kept at different locations.

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It’s important to understand that Business Continuity is not a backup system. It’s a system that allows your business to continue to operate should a disaster strike your critical IT network. Often, the recovery from backups is a long process (it may even take a few days or more), and this is time during which your business doesn’t operate. Onsite Helper has solutions that can reduce downtime to minutes rather than hours or days, in the event of a disaster.

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OSH Managed Services Package Comparison

Services Managed Security Cloud Hybrid Managed Complete Management
Virtual CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Within 4 hours response
Computer Data Backup
Monitoring & Alert Notifications
Patch Management
Managed Antivirus
Web Protection
Mail Protection
Regular Maintenance onsite/remote
Regular IT Review
Network Equipment Management
Printer Management
Phone System Management
Email and productivity
Google Workspace Basic or Office 365 licence
Google Workspace / Office 365 backups
Google Chrome Management
Mobile Device Management
Google Workspace Enhancement (Cloudpages)
Single Sign On & Multi-factor Authentication
Premium Website Hosting
SSL Certificate
Website backups
Domain Name renewals
DNS Management
Costs Enquire here Enquire here Enquire here

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