Is Your Business Safe From Threats?

Is Your Business Safe From Threats?

Is Your Business Safe From Threats?

What type of IT security system does your company use? Are you happy with it? Sadly, many small business managers will answer affirmatively since they consider that a superficial backup system and an antivirus solution are enough to keep the hackers away.

In a world where online tools help us manage businesses, make marketing decisions, choose the best candidates according to their abilities, and understand our mistakes, the cybercrime is increasing exponentially. And apparently, small to medium businesses are cybercriminals’ main target because they don’t put up much of a fight. This makes hacking the files of a company a very easy task.

Big companies are more careful with their data and understand the importance of security. However, they are not out of the equation as new threats appear every day. If not within the company, vulnerabilities could be integrated in the software tools you use regularly.

So, who are we fighting against?

Right now, there are two main threats on the market:

  • The CryptoWall virus that will encrypt your access to all your files and ask for a ransom in the exchange of free passage
  • Phishing emails – even this is an old technique it still works today. Your employees could be tricked into click on a link received in an email (many look extremely professional). This leads to infecting one workstation which is enough for the virus to spread across the entire network.

According to statistics, 93% of the online threats that affect companies are delivered via email. So, now that you know what’s lurking out there, are you willing to risk everything with a poor IT security?

Actually, we did encounter situations when the company was using the latest version of the best antivirus solution on the market and this was not enough. These viruses and malwares are created to adapt and evolve while avoiding a traditional security solution like the antivirus or antimalware. To help our clients and to combat these very effective ransomware and hacking tools, we have created a unique 8 steps layered security package for businesses that is specifically targeting these 2 issues.

These 8 steps are as follows:

  1. Workstation security and lockdown – keeping every software up to date and removing Admin rights from users;
  2. Patch Management;
  3. Managed Antivirus;
  4. Web Protection;
  5. Mail Protection – 93% infections come via email, so having an extra protection layer for incoming and outgoing emails is definitely worthwhile;
  6. Monitoring & alerting – being always up to date with what happens with your company’s network;
  7. Backups;
  8. Education; Prevent users from falling into the traps.

If you want to know more about each one of these steps and what they imply, follow this link

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