Is Moving to Google Chrome Environment the Next Step for Your Business?

Has the thought of migrating your business organisation’s existing IT system to Google Chrome environment ever crossed your mind? Or have you thought of using Chrome devices in doing your business? One of the things you’re probably wondering and worried about are the challenges your business will face. There will definitely be challenges as everything undergoes a transition to Google Chrome Ecosystem. 

Well, let’s talk about the possible challenges you might face when moving your business system to the Google Chrome environment. Additionally, we’ll also discuss CRIS or Chrome Readiness IT Scorecard, a scorecard made by Google, which simplifies the estimation of whether the transition will be easy, hard, or will it be a right fit for your business altogether.

Google Chrome Browser

While there are a lot of benefits for businesses to use Chrome OS, OS migrations are challenging for everyone – from the IT department to the users.

You can rely on Google Chrome when wanting your business to enjoy the benefits of the Google ecosystem without having to go through Chrome OS migrations. Additionally, Google Chrome allows you to utilise the wide range of tools, apps, and cloud storage that Google has. Access your business’ important data and apps without compromising your speed and security.

Moreover, Google Chrome can be used on all operating systems and different devices. So, how does Google Chrome help businesses keep their productivity up without having to worry about security and downtime?

Google Chrome

Seamless migration

OS migration takes time. If your business doesn’t have the luxury of allotting a significant amount of time to migrate to Chrome OS, you can have the Google ecosystem experience by simply using Google Chrome for your business.

You won’t have to worry about mass browser configuration for every user. Why? You can quickly configure important security settings to the new environment regardless of the device or operating system used.

Simple group management

Google Chrome works with Active Directory and Group Policy. This feature greatly simplifies management for admins or IT teams using existing management tools. On top of that, it also simplified deployment, making it easy and fast to deploy and update on all the computers in the domain.

This allows Chrome to work well with an existing network of Microsoft Windows Servers, Windows computers, and even Apple devices in a hybrid environment. Users would be free to choose whichever device they would like to use.

Work continuity

With Google Chrome, users can easily continue their work right where they left off. You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues because, with Google Chrome, you can take your work on your phone or on your PC regardless of the OS that you use.

Google Chrome’s interface on different devices and OS are intuitive and almost exactly the same. This is great because it preserves the OS experience – allowing you to jump straight back to work as long as you have Google Chrome. At the same time, migrating your settings, bookmarks, extensions, and more is very easy.

This can all be centrally managed for the organisation using Chrome Management. Onsite Helper, your Google Workspace Partner, or your Managed Services provider (MSP) can help deploy and support this for your organisation.

Tight security

Management will be able to more easily keep a close eye on the security of the business system by having every user use the same browser. Security can be centrally managed via the Google Admin console. This is one more thing that a Managed service provider like Onsite Helper can greatly help your company with. Even if the users are on a different OS, the migration process and proceeding work after that will be smooth and secure.

How Google Chrome Environment Addresses Enterprise Challenges

User and data security

  • Sandboxing and site isolation – Google Chrome automatically isolates tabs and processes to contain potential threats even before they can spread or deal irreversible damage to the user’s device and data.
  • Policy migration – Google Chrome has over 300+ security policies and configurations that are easy to use and migrate.
  • Managed and automatic updates – Google Chrome is regularly updated to keep the browser protected from any possible attacks from unknown vulnerabilities.

Ease of use for employees

  • Chrome Sync – your browser settings, bookmarks, extensions, history, and apps can easily be synchronized with any device and any operating system. It can be centrally managed by your IT team or you can have a Google Workspace partner like Onsite Helper to take care of that for your business.
  • Cross-platform support – There’s no need to worry about whether or not you can work on a particular device because the Google Chrome environment is compatible with Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile users. This allows for a very consistent yet versatile working environment.
Google Chrome environment

Central management

  • Active Directory and Group policy support – this allows admins to easily implement browser policies, saving time on complicated IT configurations.
  • Cloud management – easily manage settings and browser security policies across any and all Chrome users in the organisation.

Chrome Readiness IT Scorecard (CRIS)

Google has developed a tool called the Chrome Readiness IT Scorecard that will tell you how easy it would be to deploy Chrome in your organisation.  It’s mostly based on how Cloud-Ready all your software and devices are. You’ll find that some software or devices (most likely older technology) are not “Cloud-Ready”. If these items are critical or too costly to replace then you may not want to pursue Chrome any further. If you are “Cloud-Ready” then you can enjoy implementing Chrome and benefit from the reduction in IT costs, better security and simplified IT administration

The Chrome Readiness IT Scorecard (CRIS) is composed of high-level technical questions that are designed to determine your readiness for Chrome OS. The questions are to be answered with a score of 0-3 in relation to your current working environment.After answering the questions, you will be presented with a score that represents your business’ readiness for Chrome OS migration. You can access CRIS through this link.

What can the Chrome Readiness IT Scorecard do for you?

  • Identify whether Chrome OS would be a good fit for your business
  • Determine the potential difficulty of migrating your business to Chrome OS
  • Show the significant considerations for a successful Chrome OS migration

Interpreting the CRIS Score

Once you have access to the CRIS tool, you will be prompted to select a language to use. After that, you will be asked to answer CRIS with scores that closely match your working environment. Then, your overall score will be shown on the SCORECARD sheet.

Chome Readiness IT scorecard

How would you then interpret the scores that you get? If you get:

  • 0-40%, you got a LOW score which means that you are not ready to deploy or migrate to Chrome OS.
  • 40-70%, you got a MIDDLE score which means that there will be slight complications in the migration; therefore, a plan must be prepared to increase your CRIS score.
  • 70-100%, you got a HIGH score. This means that you will not face any major technical challenges when you migrate to Chrome OS.

For More Google-related Help

Onsite Helper, the leading expert in managed IT systems, is just a click away!

Onsite Helper holds true to its promise of ensuring that all hardware and operating systems of different business organisations are smoothly running, regularly monitored, and well-protected from any potential threats. Thus, securing all information and data.

With this, Onsite Helper has devised an enterprise-level Chrome and Google Workspace Security Audit that boosts your organisation’s productivity by checking your system’s vulnerabilities and issues which may lead to data loss, potentially costing you much money.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Onsite Helper.

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