How the New Smart Canvas Features Improve Your Business

The last couple of years have witnessed the growth of businesses doing remote setups. With this, people showing signs of digital fatigue also rise. Additionally, millions of employees bridged physical distances with their colleagues through virtual meetings and other communication and collaboration tools. As part of Google Workspace’s aim to build the future of work by integrating machine learning and AI features, it has announced the launching of the smart canvas, a whole new product experience bringing the evolution of collaboration in the Google Workspace ecosystem. By the end of 2022, innovations in making productive communication and collaboration between people will be all rolled out. Today, we’ll be talking about the new Smart canvas features.

But how do these new features help businesses? Let Onsite Helper shed some light on this matter.

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Establish More Flexible Collaboration Among Your Team Members

New smart chips in Docs for recommended files as well as meetings have been integrated. This is to provide users with an easier way to collaborate with colleagues. To insert smart chips into your work, simply type “@” to see a list of recommended people, files, and meetings. From web or mobile, your collaborators can then quickly skim associated meetings and people or preview linked documents. This can all be done without changing tabs or contexts.

Additionally, Google Workspace will be also integrating the following into Docs:

  • Checklist – be able to assign checklist action items to other people. These action items will show up in Google Tasks, making it easier for everyone to manage a project’s To-Do list. 
  • Table templates – has topic-voting tables that allow you to easily gather team feedback and project-tracker tables. This can help you capture milestones and statuses on the fly.
  • Pageless format – you’ll be able to remove the boundaries of a page. This allows you to create a surface that expands to whatever device or screen you’re using. This makes it easier to work with wide tables, large images, or detailed feedback in comments.

On the other hand, in Sheets, Google Workspace will integrate the timeline view, making the tracking of tasks easier and faster. This view allows you to organise your data by the owner, category, campaign, or whichever attribute fits best.

Nurture Better Connection For Fresh New Ideas 

Bringing the voices and faces of your team easily is the prime reason for the innovations made for Google Meet. Evidently, it is through seeing and hearing your colleagues that ideas can effectively prosper. Google Workspace rolls out the ability to present your content to a Google Meet call on the web directly from the Doc, Sheet, or Slide where you’re already working with your team.

Smart Canvas features

Jumping between a document as well as a live conversation without skipping a beat helps everyone to stay focused. 

Still giving you the best connection you deserve, Google Workspace also integrates live captions and translation in Google Meet. Five languages are currently available as live captions and more are on the way such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German. 

The ability to pin and unpin content and video feeds is also one of the recent enhancements made. 

Creating and editing Sheets and Docs from Google Chat rooms is already live in Google’s web experience, and up next is the integration of Slides. This makes it easier for teams to give feedback and to seamlessly build content together.

Smart Canvas Features Make You Work Smarter

Google Workspace always levels up its intelligence by enabling people to work faster and smarter and make the best use of their time and effort. Other integrations Google Workspace will be rolling out are:

  • Additional assisted writing features in Docs –  provide warnings about offensive words and language, as well as other stylistic suggestions that can speed up the editing

  • More assisted analysis functionality in Sheets – provide formula suggestions that make it easier for everyone, not just analysts, to derive insights from data

As smart canvas features evolve, Google Workspace makes it easy for businesses to take the friction out of collaboration and communication, amplifying productivity. AppSheet Automation will be generally available too so that you can automate time-consuming tasks—like approving invoices and onboarding new hires. 

Building a perfect remote work setup? Google Workspace is perfect for you and your business. Onsite Helper can help you with that! 

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