Google’s Sandbox Security Feature – What It Is & Why Businesses Need It

With the recent Google Workspace migration from G Suite, customers everywhere also discover new and improved features that make business life easier. For instance, one of the features to consider is Sandbox security for Gmail and Chrome. 

As the name says, the sandbox was designed as a way to identify and deploy malicious materials without affecting the user or their devices. The feature is set by the admin (no need for input from the regular user), and works hard in the background, keeping your network safe from probing resources. 

In addition, as a Google Workspace partner, it’s our job to inform customers and future partners about these features. As such, today we’ll take a look at why Sandbox is a good thing for your IT security. 

Sandboxing on Google Workspace

Google Workspace services provide a safer, more flexible platform (compared to the former G Suite system). In addition, Google Workspace is equipped with a solid sandboxing security feature attached to Gmail. 

This feature is designed to detect the presence of previously unknown malware by deploying attachments in a secure environment (aka the sandbox). As such, each Gmail attachment is first executed in a sandbox (before reaching the user’s inbox), where it can be observed without allowing it to infect the rest of the system. 

This way, your current security system gets a helping hand, in case an unknown malware item gets through undetected. And, since it’s a sandbox environment, the malicious element (if detected) can’t escape confinement, which allows observers the ability to analyze it.

The feature also allows granular admin controls, which offers admins the possibility to create custom rules for the type of messages that will go through the sandboxing system. Otherwise, the system will run all attachments through, and when malware is detected, the message will be put directly in Spam.

How to turn it on:

Sandbox for Google Workspace is only available for G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education licences. If you have this then please perform the following steps:

  1. Go to and sign in with an account that’s a super admin
  2. Find and turn on the beta security sandbox feature at Admin console > Menu > Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings. 

One thing to be aware of is, once this is enabled, your users will notice a little delay when receiving emails. In my experience, this has only been a few seconds. This is because Google’s Sandbox is testing the attachments in the email to make sure it’s safe before it is delivered to you. 

Quick note: As a partner, we also provide Google Workspace support in Australia. So, if you are (still) a G Suite customer and want to make the upgrade, we can help you migrate to Google Workspace Enterprise or Google Workspace Business. 

Sandboxing on Chrome OS

Chrome OS runs on Google Chromebooks and is one of the fastest, most secure operating systems available for businesses. In addition, Chromebooks are the ideal devices for businesses who work with both on-site and remote employees & partners. 

But, one of the reasons Chrome OS is so great for business, is its default sandboxing setting. In this environment, everything from apps to browser tabs has their assigned sandbox, which limits the chances of infecting the machine with malware. 

For instance, if it happens to visit a malware-infected website that downloads it in your system, the malicious software will stay in its sandbox, without being able to do any damage. Also, once you close the tab, the malware also disappears. 

Wrap Up

Both Google Workspace and Google Chrome OS are amazing options for businesses in need of modern and reliable technology. Even more, should you decide to buy Chromebook devices for your business, our team can help you choose the suitable devices and licenses for your needs. 

In addition, as a Google Chrome partner, we can also help purchase and set up your Chrome hardware devices including Hangouts Meet hardware. This will help improve remote work relationships and partnerships while maintaining a high level of security.

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