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Forget about manually organising emails, calendar events etc. Google Workspace, previously known as G Suite services can introduce you to a completely organised online system that facilitates easier management of your medium-sized business using Google Workspace’s collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, software, and products.

Do you want to move Google Workspace?

Set yourself free from any confusion. If you’re moving to Google Workspace, here’s how we support you and assist you during the Google Workspace migration process:

  • Google Workspace setup
  • Workspace email hosting information migration
  • Google Workspace web hosting information migration
  • Date to google drive migration
  • Enhanced security setup
  • Google Workspace training
  • Regular maintenance and Google Workspace support

Call us now to receive our Google Workspace support for your medium-sized business. We guarantee that your data will remain completely safe and secure with us!

Do you need help in Workspace management?

If you are already set up with Google Workspace, invest in a trusted partner with Onsite Helper

Our team of Google Workspace certified engineers provide you with a trusted partner which makes collaborating solutions for your business far more efficient, safe and secure.

We guarantee the following Google Workspace support:

  • Flexible billing options
  • Free added value
  • Option for unlimited local support
  • A small business that knows your business

We’ll manage and monitor your software, while you spend your valuable time working on and developing your medium-sized business!

Google Workspace Certified Engineers

We are the experts in working with Google Workspace support and Google Workspace migration for medium-sized businesses. Trust us then sit back, relax and watch the positive results.

We have been implementing Google Workspace systems for 10 years, and we want to you to have simple and easy access to every feature available in Google Workspace too. We offer total support and guidance from beginning to end. You and your business are our #1 priority, we’ll handle the rest!


In over 10 years of implementing Google Workspace, we learned that most businesses use only about 5% of the features available!

So, to make sure you’re not missing out on 95% of the features that could revolutionise your business process, we also provide training for your entire team!


Do you know which Chrome extensions your employees run on their devices? Do you know if they don’t pose a threat to your network and database? Chrome Management is the perfect way to help your team use Chrome more effectively without fearing any security threats.


Many people consider their data (such as emails) is backed up because it’s in the cloud, but Google only keeps deleted emails for 30 days! So, in case of an attack, you may lose valuable information if you don’t have a backup system. Our technicians can setup everything, customized to the needs of your business.


Google Workspace works on all devices, but, for maximum Google Cloud efficiency, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome devices. Our team can recommend the ones that best fit your business needs and make all the necessary setups.


The email signature can be used to convey information across the office, within a specific group, or towards customers. Onsite Helper can design and implement automatic signature solutions, that are easy to edit and will make your emails a lot more personal and user-friendly.



Adrian Cosman-Jones, Owner of Onsite Helper & Stan Stankiewicz – Client Relations Associate

Adrian & Stan are Google Certified Experts and have been Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) partners since it started back in 2006.

Together, they have 25+ years of experience in the IT niche, and they have worked with some of the most trusted brands and medium-sized businesses in Australia.

So, if you’re looking to move to Google Workspace, or you’re an existing user of Google Workspace and want to improve your adoption as well as ongoing support, book a FREE consultation today! You will benefit from their unique insight and discover your organization’s full potential.

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  • When it comes to your business, security is our #1 priority!

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