Google for Work: top 10 mistakes that could bring your business down

Google for Work: Top 10 Mistakes that Could Bring Your Business Down

Google is more than just that Internet giant company who created the most popular search engine of the moment. Google is a company in continuous development with branches and inventions in various industries, markets and fields of activity.
One of these branches, where Google managed to offer a series of well-designed tools and amazing opportunities is the area dedicated to small businesses. To be more exact, small businesses that want to be online and need to communicate using online tools. That pretty much sums up all the businesses out there, right?
To make things easier, the Google team decided to group everything in one big category called the Google for Work program. Everything from email clients to documents and calendars can now be easily accessed as one thanks to this innovative and creative initiative. Google understands the power and encourages collaborative work which is why all these solutions are supported by the Google Cloud Platform. Now everyone can work from wherever they want as employees and employers are not tied down to an office and a desk anymore.
Still, being a complex package, Google for Work should be administered and maintained by experts. If you don’t understand the dynamic and you fail to see its usefulness as a whole, you might end up committing mistakes. And everybody knows mistakes cost.

Is your business at risk?

We put together a list with 10 most common mistakes that are bound to happen at some point. Please check them thoroughly to see if your business is on danger.

#1: An irrational fear of cloud services

Many business owners fear that their information and precious data won’t be secure once they are up on the cloud. It’s true, there have been a few cloud breaches but the technology advances daily. Currently, cloud solutions are equipped with some of the most sophisticated and efficient security solutions. Even more, there are additional solutions you can implement for an extra layer of security.
A correct use of the Google Work package will not only streamline your business process but will also increase your staff’s productivity and creativity. Work will be done faster and people will be able to collaborate regardless of their location. Read this article to understand cloud platforms better.

#2: Too much trust in cloud services

It’s not good to be too confident either! Cloud services are indeed secure but hackers are quite smart and inventive so the worst might happen. Especially considering the fact that Google for Work is one of the targeted services.
This doesn’t mean you have to give up on using cloud services completely. You just have to find a way to secure your account by implementing additional security measures with more than one level of protection. See here the best method we support for all our clients.

#3: Is your e-mail setup correctly?

You would be amazed by the number of businesses that don’t know how to setup their email accounts correctly. It’s very easy to create unnecessary accounts that will show up on your monthly bill. This additional cost is easily avoided by simply creating aliases or groups and it won’t cost you a dime over the real email accounts. Read more about this.

#4: How do you manage your staff’s access to emails?

Many business managers are paranoid about data and document security but forget the basics: email delegation. Make sure none of your former employees gets access to the email addresses that he or she used while working for your company.
We actually had to deal with such a problem with one of our big clients. Their CTO (Chief Technology Officer) left the business but kept the access to all Google for Work accounts in the company. According to logs, we discovered that he downloaded all the emails of the company directors and Google Drive data from the most important shared drives. A mistake like this could be extremely expensive and dangerous for the company. Read more about this situation.

#5: Deleting accounts

Since we’re on the subject of former employees, what is your protocol for deleting email accounts? Where does the account’s email history go? Also, what will happen with future emails sent to this address? Do you have a special protocol implemented in your company for this situation? Read this article to shed some light on this issue.

#6: Using Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a fantastic app for arranging meetings, inviting people to attend and making sure everyone is able to come. Still, employees who didn’t use this app up until now may have troubles understanding it. Your business can’t function in a collaborative manner if everyone is not on board. Read more about how to power your meetings.

#7: Office auto-replies

Google has this amazing app that allows you to set auto-responses. The technique is not new, but it is an elegant way to inform the sender that you are not available for the moment but you’ll send an answer as soon as possible. If you don’t set these autoresponders, your clients may consider your lack of responsiveness rude.
Did you know that, with email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Apple email, the auto-reply message stops once the computer is shut down? The trick is to set the message in the browser, this way it won’t matter if the computer is on or off.
So, does everyone in your office know how to set office auto-replies? Read more on this topic.

#8: Not knowing about the global footer

One of the most amazing features Google for Work supports is the possibility to introduce a global footer for all the emails that leave your company. This way, if you want to notify all your clients on a certain event like the Christmas vacation or start a marketing campaign, all you have to do is edit this global footer. This could save you a lot of time and money. More information here.

#9: Setting Google Drive correctly

It may not be a very difficult task, but it can be a bit of a hassle. When not set up correctly, documents that are supposed to be shareable with collaborators won’t display correctly. Even more, if the sharing permissions are set incorrectly, confidential company data could be exposed accidentally. Read more on this topic.

#10: The lack of proper backup

When you’re using a collaborative solution, documents may get lost or edited incorrectly. This is why a correct backup plan is absolutely vital for your business’s professional sanity.
Sometimes, in an attempt to cover their tracks or as revenge for being let go, employees can delete all the email history they have access to. These emails may contain vital data and once deleted, they are unrecoverable unless you have a powerful backup solution.
Mistakes or foul play happen and the backup system may save you hours of extra work and additional costs. Read more about this.
As you can see, Google for Work is a complex package with lots of corks and crannies. If you don’t know what to expect and how to solve certain problems this could lead to a lot of damage for your business. This is why hiring an expert to administer and maintain your account or receiving specialised training  are the best ways to handle this.
Onsite Helper has Google certified technicians to provide the necessary training or manage your Google for Work account. More information here

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