Google & SpaceX Join Forces to Deliver High-Speed Internet Services via Starlink

Google & SpaceX Join Forces to Deliver High-Speed Internet Services via Starlink


In a world where businesses and individuals are dependent on high-speed internet access, regardless of location, the recent deal between Google and Elon Musk’s SpaceX looks incredibly promising for the near future.

According to Google’s representatives, based on this new deal, the Google cloud unit will be supplying SpaceX with computing and networking resources to help deliver internet services via the Starling satellite network. Therefore, the Starlink satellites will use Google’s fibre optic network in order to offer users fast and easy access to Google cloud services.

Additionally, it is planned that SpaceX will install ground stations at Google data centres during the second half of the year. This means that users in remote areas will no longer be limited by cell networks since their devices will connect to the satellites, which will be linked to Google data centres. Once the connection is established, users can use this secure line to access various cloud services and apps like Google Workspace or hosted application services using Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

In summary, this move will result in faster internet services for companies, organizations, and individuals who have limited internet access or who are located in remote areas. Moreover, due to the connectivity with Google’s cloud network, it is expected to see an increase in the use of their applications and platforms.

How is the Deal Affecting Australian Businesses?

Since the Starlink network will connect straight into Google’s infrastructure, businesses and organizations that use Google Services (such as Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform) will benefit from more reliable and faster internet connectivity.

By combining solid and reliable cloud solutions with universal secure connectivity, this deal creates the right space for businesses and individuals to develop online and helps remove boundaries set by physical location. According to recent data, Google’s cloud business is on an ascending trend for the last few years (it grew almost 46% year over year), and this move will promote this type of platform even further.

As a result, more people will be able to choose to work from home (which is also a very popular trend) while businesses and organizations will have access to a larger talent pool. With easy and secure access to services like Google Meets or Hangouts (for chat and video conferencing) or Google Docs & Sheets (for project collaboration in real-time). One challenge we have found during the pandemic was that the NBN network struggled to handle the increased capacity with everyone forced to work from home and many people found some high bandwidth internet services such as video conferencing ended up being a very poor experience. With SpaceX and Google combining, this will alleviate these problems for those using both of these services combined.

In summary, this collaboration has the potential of helping businesses and organizations finally take the plunge and move operations online. In the end, this means fewer resources focused on business administration & management, less bureaucracy, better communication and collaboration, and more focus on achieving goals and growing.

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