Google is the New Go-To Business Platform for SMBs

Google is the New Go-To Business Platform for SMBs


Google commissioned a Total Economic Impact (TEI) survey with Forrester Consulting to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with investing in Chrome devices and software. The survey was done on 236 organizations and Forrester Consulting interviewed seven customers with years of experience using Chrome devices.

Here are some of their key findings:

  • $1.5million hardware and software cost avoidance due to reduced costs with Chrome hardware and annual enterprise upgrades;
  • $3.0 million in improved employee productivity due to easier collaboration and better access to the company’s information and data;
  • Over $470,000 in IT management and services savings – Chrome devices are easier to deploy than legacy ones.

According to the same survey, there is the possibility of getting an ROI of 295% with a short payback period (usually less than 6 months)! This happens because Chrome devices are easier to maintain and deploy.

Moreover, there are significant savings when it comes to moving from Microsoft to Google. First, the hardware and software are cheaper, but more significant, the management of the IT infrastructure is less of a burden on the company’s budget.

This is definitely the kind of financial and economic impact many companies would love to experience, especially ones that are currently growing and must expand their fleet of IT devices and services!

New Google Devices

In a move that’s aimed at drawing more organisations away from Windows-powered laptops and towards Chrome OS devices, Google has recently partnered up with DELL. The result of this partnership is a series of new Chromebook Enterprise devices designed for companies and organisations of any size (from small to large ones).


Microsoft is still the well-established giant on the enterprise computing market that they have dominated for years. However, things start to change.

Organisations (of any size) start looking for new and better ways to modernise their fleet of devices. Also, rapid changes in technology (such as the development of cloud computing) has created the cloud worker, which is a new breed of employee. He/she is expected to/expects to react quickly and work from any location.

As such, cloud computing is currently changing the paradigm of working in the office towards a more flexible approach where employees and partners must be open to collaboration and have safe access to cloud-based apps available cross-platform.

With all these changes in technology and workforce, there is a strong opportunity for competitors to challenge Microsoft Windows’s domination. And Google is ready to take over the business world with Google Chrome OS and highly portable devices that can be deployed with ease and doesn’t need much maintenance.

Based on our experience with a wide array of customers (SMBs all over Australia), we can say that there is a shift in the type of solutions businesses prefer. Right now, Google’s offer is very compelling and, in many cases, makes for a better solution than Microsoft’s.

Below, we have listed some of the most important benefits that can convince an organisation to make the switch or choose Chrome OS over Windows.

It’s Good for the Company’s Budget

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