Google Hangouts Meet Hardware: The Perfect Fit For Google Workspace Businesses

Google Hangouts Meet Hardware: The Perfect Fit For Google Workspace Businesses

Hangouts Meet is a video meeting solution designed for businesses that want to enhance communication and create the best video meetings experience (for both partners and employees). The solution comprises of specialised hardware that goes in small to large meeting rooms and is readily available for meetings any time of the day or night. To learn more about this Google video conferencing system, and understand the components included, have a look at the video below (this is the system for large rooms with a better camera).

About Google Hangouts Meet Hardware

The system is easy to set up and can even run self-diagnostics in case something goes wrong. This means you won’t have to keep the technical team on their toes every time there’s an important meeting. Google Hangouts Meet is a versatile system that can be scaled up or down according to your needs. As such, it can be used for large conferences, with several teams coming together from different corners of the world. Finally, the solution automatically finds and runs firmware updates for all the components, to avoid any outside interferences and maintain a high level of security on all fronts. Also, the admin is always in control due to remote device monitoring and management features.

Purchase Hangouts Meet Hardware

First, you need to purchase the hardware. This is only available to Chrome Enterprise partners such as Onsite Helper (we are both a Google Workspace & Chrome Enterprise partner), who can arrange this purchase for you. You can also contact Google who can recommend a partner for you. Hangouts Meet Hardware starts at $3,299 and includes:
  • A powerful Core i7 Chromebox for meetings which can be hidden behind a TV
  • A 10” touch screen panel for intuitive meeting control
  • One 4K Ultra-HD Camera with 120º Field of View to capture the entire room
  • Speaker with built-in microphone (advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technology). If the room is bigger, you can use the Daisy Chain function to connect several speaker mics together.
  • 24/7 support included
For larger meeting spaces, you may want to upgrade or add some components including:
  • Additional Speaker/Mic, you can have up to 5 – RRP is $439
  • Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera which allows you to pan, tilt & zoom using a remote control – RRP is $1299

Purchase the License

You may not be aware, but like Google Workspace, Hangouts Meet Hardware requires the purchase of a yearly license. This will cover the costs for Google Support, updates, etc. The license cost is around $369 per year (RRP) per Hangouts Meet Hardware. When purchasing the Hangouts Meet Hardware through a partner, you need to advise them of the domain name which the Hangouts Meet hardware will be connected to so it can be registered to the correct Google Workspace account.  The partner sends the information to Google for processing, which can take a few days, so keep this in mind for when you want to deploy the solution.

Other Options

If Hangouts Meet doesn’t look like the ideal solution for your needs, there are other options to consider such as Chromebase and Jamboard.

1. Chromebase

For smaller meeting rooms or spaces, you can use simpler solutions such as Chromebase, which acts as a usable Chrome desktop as well as a solution for video meetings. The device is an ultra-thin touch display that is robust and extremely secure, available in two versions (either a 22-inch display $2,018 or a 10-inch tablet $951). You can mount it on a wall or use the included stand, according to your needs. However, both versions need a Chrome Device Management license.

2. Jamboard

This is Google’s ideas of an interactive whiteboard. It’s perfect for presentations and sketching ideas for projects because it allows users to go online and use all sorts of resources. Furthermore, the Jamboard allows other members of the team to chime in their ideas, regardless of their location. This means that you can use it for collaborative work and small meetings where you decide the steps of a project, without the need to have all the team members in the same room. Jamboard RRP starts at $7,156.  There is also a $859 annual management and support fee. Prices are in AUD and include GST. Speak to Onsite Helper for special pricing on these items.

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