Google Finds Its G Suite Spot: Brand Rename Of Google Apps For Work

Google Finds Its G Suite Spot: Brand Rename Of Google Apps For Work

The latest news from Google is a change of brand, transforming Google apps or Google for Work in G Suite. What does this mean for current and future customers? Well, not that much. This change is actually a rebranding of the package and only comes with a new logo and a new name. Otherwise, everything is the same and you will still have to be logged in with your Gmail address to have access to your account.

Even more, even if it’s wrapped as big news and a fancy event, it’s not the first time when Google changed its mind about the brand. This is actually the third change applied on the same package of apps. The first one was operated in 2006 when the name Google Apps for Your Domain was used. The second happened in 2014, when the same package became Google for Work and now, on September 29th we went through the third, when G Suite showed up.

How will this change your relationship with Onsite Helper?

Since the only things that changed are the name and the logo, you will see this change in our communication and invoices. With anything else, things will remain the same.
There are 2 product categories of G Suite.

  1. G Suite Basic. This is the rebrand from Google for Work, which is $5 per month per account or $10 per year per account and gives you all the features of regular Google for Work with 30GB storage for each account
  2. G Suite Business. This is the rebrand from Google for Work Unlimited, which is $10 per month per account or $120 per year per account. This package has all of G Suite Basic plus unlimited data storage (if 5 or fewer accounts it is 1TB per account) as well as Google Vault for eDiscovery and advanced auditing and compliance features.

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