Google Apps For Work Training

Google Apps For Work Training

Google just made things a lot easier for Google for Work customers!  First, they purchased the company called Synergyse, which developed an interesting and easy-to-understand system of apps for work training. Next, they offer the entire system for free to Google for Work customers as an app that can be available to everyone via the Google Apps products list or as an extension in Chrome Browser.

The basic idea behind this system is to teach you and your employees how to efficiently use Google apps and make your work a lot easier. Why do we need such an app? Well, how many Google apps are you actually using? We tend to use only the most popular ones while the rest (just as interesting and useful) fall under a shadow of the unknown.
So here’s why you should take a second look at this training app:

  • To understand new features (Google often releases updates for their apps to make them better)
  • All training sessions are short (15 seconds to a couple of minutes) and interesting
  • It’s a great way to show administrators how to manage their business using Google Apps.

How To Install It

The installation process is simple. You just have to add the App from Google Marketplace in your browser. Visit the app’s home page and click the Add to Chrome button – you will need Chrome browser installed for the app to work.


A colorful question mark icon will then appear at the top-right corner of any Google Application. You just have to click on and get an interactive training session on the product you are using, e.g. Gmail.


It is recommended to install it for your domain so all users can access it from the market place apps. After installation, the app will be accessible for everyone when they click the 9 small squares in top right corner in Chrome browser.


To manage your domain’s training experience, you have the possibility to:

  • Choose what training is delivered to your users via your own training portal
  • Add your own videos and training
  • Recommend specific lessons to your users – a star appears next to the title of the lesson in the Training menu
  • Hide lessons that don’t apply to your users. For example, an organization that blocks POP3 imports into Gmail might want to hide the lesson that explains that process. Or a corporate IT admin might want to hide Google Classroom lessons.
  • Customise the Support link -you can change the page that appears when users in your domain click the Support link in the Training for Google Apps portal. For example, the link can open your own support ticket system, or provide the contact details for Onsite Helper. We have a dedicated team of experts that can help your employees gain knowledge in the requested niche.

The Chrome extension is a great way to get people to watch the training videos as they open in the browser directly.


Other recommendations

A good idea is to install the Google Apps training extension for everyone in one go. This can be done by using Chrome Management where you can select what extensions are pushed out to everyone who signs into Chrome using your business devices or accounts.

If you don’t know how to do that, stay tuned for a future article about Chrome Management and how Onsite Helper offers this service to its Google for Work clients.

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