G Suite Cloud Search: Extend Your Search Level

G Suite Cloud Search: Extend Your Search Level

Have you ever tried to find a document, data about an appointment, or even follow an email chain in a pile of other documents, calendar details or emails? It’s a tedious, frustrating job and it’s usually extremely time-consuming. And the sad thing is that, in a company, this is a common occurrence. For instance, you remember corresponding with a former client but you can’t recall if you sent them an email, document or had a meeting.It will be extremely time-consuming to start digging through Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar in search for information.

But what if you had access to a search engine that considers all the sources in your company? If you’re using Google as your main search engine and you’re using G Suite to work on shared documents, set up schedules, and keep track of emails then you will definitely need the Cloud Search feature. Cloud Search performs a global search through all your sources starting with Gmail, Drive, and moving up to Calendar, and other apps available. It’s like Google Search, specifically tailored to your company’s needs! To continue the example above, you will find the information you need, by only searching the client’s name or business. Google Cloud Search will display documents, emails or appointments you had with the said client within seconds.

Why Should You Consider Cloud Search?

The main benefit is an improved level of organization in your company. This also means your employees won’t be losing precious time looking for documents they forgot where were saved or trying to reach an unresponsive colleague who was working last on the document or file.

Even more, Cloud Search helps you find people in your company and the projects they are working in collaboration with the one performing the search. If you don’t have any common projects, you will still be able to send an email or start a HangOut with that person.

To learn more about the benefits and uses of such an app, take a look at the video below:

Another feature that makes Cloud Search useful and intuitive is the well-known search interface that maintains Google’s user-friendly approach. Thus, to find a document/email/presentation, you only need to type a relevant keyword in the search bar. Cloud Search will return all the results containing the keyword and will also display their location, privacy settings, and a snippet that will allow you to make an idea of the content.

Still, the search can be fine-tuned using the available tools:

  • Time period filter
  • Selecting specific content sources (Mail, Drive, or Calendar)
  • Advanced filters, specific to the chosen content source

If you are worried about privacy issues, you should know Cloud Search is specifically designed to consider such settings. Thus, a user will only see and be able to search in files and sources where he or she has access. This is a very important aspect, especially for medium-sized to large companies where everyone is working based on access rights.

And finally, the one feature that might dazzle you the most is the Cards feature. The mobile app will send you information throughout the day (organized as cards) according to your schedule. Thus, if you have an upcoming meeting, the Cloud Search app will create a card containing useful information, documents that are attached to that meeting or emails that might have something in common with the said meeting. This way you don’t have to spend time searching for documents and putting everything together, the app does everything for you!

And keep in mind: this is an app that learns your company behavior and will get better the more your use it!

How can I get Cloud Search?

Cloud Search is available only for customers using G Suite Business edition so, which is a fantastic way to improve your business management and improve your organization level.
If you have G Suite business, then its ready to go. Simply click the 9 small squares in top right hand corner to display all the G Sutie Apps and select Cloud Search.
You can then search for keywords across emails, documents & calendars.
If you don’t have a G Suite Business account yet, we are here for you! Just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you through the entire process.

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