Features & Tools for your Business in the Google Offer

Features & Tools for your Business in the Google Offer

In the last few years, Google worked hard to create the perfect business environment focusing on tools that promote collaborative work but also consider security and workflow. Their work resulted in a plethora of apps and tools that can make management life easier but, to simplify the process even more, they packed everything together in the G Suite Business offer.
Now, if you’re not yet using the Business Plan, but you’re thinking about it, it’s important to know what it can offer.

Features for Work

When it comes to the G Suite package, you’ll get two important features that make communication easier:

  • Professional email services for you and your employees
  • Online storage for the email archive and other files.

These options are available for both Basic and Business, but with Business you have unlimited space. This is important for a medium to large business that runs a few dozen emails and needs storage space for files and other important documents.

Features to Monitor Employees

Knowing what everyone is doing is also a part of business so Google created special tools that allow you to search files and emails across accounts and even get alerts when critical files are accessed, shared or deleted.  
They also know that with unlimited space comes the problem of finding and organizing everything. For this, they launched the Cloud Search feature (for the G Suite Business package) that will considerably reduce the search time across all accounts in your domain. To learn more about it, take a look at our article here: G Suite  Cloud Search

Features to protect your company

Google knows information is power, which is why they understand the need for protection when it comes to important documents or confidential data. For this, they are working on a space where your information is both protected and accessible.
This space is called Google Vault and can improve your data safety without hindering access.

Access to information

In the era where it matters how fast the information travel, every business needs access. For this, Google created the Team Drives and Drive File Stream tools.
These two are specially designed to allow employees extremely fast access to all company data without having the risk of data being corrupt or missing. It is also a great way to use your business local apps with Google Drive without filling up your hard drive space on the devices used for general work tasks.
They both will be available in the G Suite Business pack which is why you should consider making the update. Also, if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact Onsite Helper!

To encourage everyone to try the new and improved Google Suite, there is a special offer for everyone who asks for an upgrade before June 25! Thus, if you upgrade before June 25th 2017, you will get a 33% discount (or 6 months free usage). So, if you pay for 12 months of Google Business Suite, you will get a 6 months free usage bonus. This means an 18 months subscription at the price of 12 months!  

Compare G Suite Basic vs Business

A more detailed comparison can be found here. Speak to us today to take advantage of this special offer from Googlephone 1300 889 839

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