Frequently Asked Questions about Managed IT support services and more!

#1 – Do you charge to review my current IT environment?

No. We offer a Technical Report Card of your IT environment at no cost and no-obligation. This allows us to determine the following:

  • How your IT environment is currently performing against the industry’s best practices
  • Identify any potential vulnerabilities
  • Ensure your current IT support is adequate for your needs
  • Discuss a long-term strategic plan for your business

Simply put, it’s a way for us to get to know you and your business. We’re also offering plenty of value upfront so that you have an opportunity to get to know us, our Managed IT support services and other services, and discover the value we can add to your IT environment.

#2 – Can I purchase IT hardware, software and cloud subscriptions through you?

Buying hardware and software can be complicated and expensive when you get it wrong.

The risks are many, but here are some of the most common situations we encounter:

  • operating systems that don’t work on some networks,
  • anti-virus software that doesn’t work with certain email systems,
  • backup systems that actually don’t provide any real protection,
  • Internet connections that don’t support VOIP or can cope with your network.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in buying IT hardware, software, and apps for almost any type of business. As such, through testing and experience, we know what works.

#3 – Can you provide support interstate or international?

Although we are based in Melbourne and have some remote staff in the Philippines, we are able to provide Managed IT support services and remote support using tools like TeamViewer. We can travel interstate for larger projects and we are part of a trusted IT community called SMBIT Professionals where we can attain another technical resource in most parts of Australia.

#4 – Our intellectual property is confidential, how can we trust you?

We have policies in place to ensure we won’t have access to your information unless you specifically request it.

One of our policies is to not keep records of employees login credentials. If your employees need their password, we can only reset it as we won’t have it on file. We have also been in business for 14 years and our Google Reviews show we are a trustworthy operator.

#5 – What are your payment terms?

For Managed IT support services, IT support, & monthly subscriptions, we require direct debit. For IT hardware & Software purchases we require payment in advance.

We also have options to purchase support hours in advance for a discounted rate (pre-paid support hours)

#6 – What is an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

A service-level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between a service provider and a client. In our case, we offer SLA’s based on how quickly we will respond to your request.

#7 – How long does it take you to respond to our issues?

The SLA we use is aimed at response time, or how quickly we guarantee to respond to your request. However, we don’t have SLA’s for the time it takes to fix the issue, as there are too many variables that can affect this timeframe.

Our SLA’s are only applied to our Managed IT support services or Managed Service packages, where we offer 1,4, or 8 hour response time depending on the package

#8 – Do you offer special pricing for Not For Profit organisations?

Yes. Contact us to find out if you are eligible and the type of special pricing you can get.

#9 – Due to the nature of our systems, it is inappropriate to perform maintenance tasks during business hours. Can you perform these tasks outside office hours?

All maintenance tasks are performed at times that suit you. We perform out-of-hours work at no extra cost.

#10 – What if I have a problem after business hours or on the weekend?

We offer after-hours emergency support. We offer a set amount per month, as included in some of our managed services plans.

Clients not on these plans will be charged at additional rates.

#11 – Do you have customer references?

We have been blessed with great customers! Our clients are our highest priority, and to prove it, we have a range of client testimonials that can be viewed here. We also have Google ratings from our customers here.

#12 – Do you have an environmental sustainability strategy?

Yes. We are very serious when it comes to how our work affects the environment! Take a look at our environmental sustainability policy here.

#13 – What documentation can we expect?

All our work is documented using our ticketing system. We also record your network information in our system, which we are happy to share with our clients. Moreover, details of all maintenance tasks performed are also included in our periodic reports.

#14 – What are IT Managed Services or Managed IT support services?

“Managed Services” is an industry buzzword that has been misunderstood by many business owners. As such we like to explain Managed IT support services as it is: the outsourcing of the IT management to a specialist IT business instead of having your own in-house IT team.

#15 – What does a managed service provider do?

A managed services provider (often referred to simply as an MSP) is a company external to your business, responsible for providing IT services to you.

An MSP providing Managed IT support services proactively works to maintain the technology in your business, offers onsite & remote IT supportprotects your network from cyber threats, performs regular maintenance and develops business continuity solutions.

#16 – What happens if the number of managed devices in our environment changes? Do we sign a new contract?

No, our contract allows for growth (and shrinkage). The bill is adjusted as new managed instances are added. When you decide to remove managed instances, just let us know and we’ll reduce the billing accordingly.

#17 – What are the contract terms for Managed Services or Managed IT support services?

Our minimum contract term is 3 months. The reason for this is it takes this long to get a good feel for each other’s business and work through all the teething issues that may arise once we up the level of security in your organisation.

You won’t have downtime, we just need to work with your staff to enforce better practices to stay safe in today’s dangerous cyber world.

We don’t lock our clients in for years as we know they will be happy with our services and stay with us for a long time.

#18 – What is the Cloud?

In simple terms, the Cloud is a means of accessing applications, data and storage over the internet instead of from servers in your office. Cloud providers deliver these services from data centres on large infrastructure platforms, where you can consume and pay for the resources or applications you use monthly.

#19 – Is the Cloud Secure?

The Cloud requires similar attention to how you would operate if you stayed with on-premises servers. You need to apply security and monitor this in the cloud as you would do onsite. The tools you use are different and so is the approach, but not securing your data in the cloud is very risky.

Still, there are many benefits of moving to the cloud – it’s the way of the future.

#20 – What’s the difference between Office 365 and Google Workspace? Which one is better?

They both offer an impressive suite of apps designed to work on modern devices and encourage people to work from an environment that’s better suited for creativity and productivity.

However, they are better suited to different environments. To see which one would best suit your organisation, read this article

#21 – Do I need to backup my data in the cloud?

It’s a common misconception that if you use cloud services like Google Workspace or Office 365, then your data is protected with backups. This is not the case and often these services only include a limited backup (possibly just 1 month) after which the data can’t be recovered.

As such, it’s highly recommended to have a 3rd party backup service of your cloud data to protect you.

#22 – Can you look after my website hosting & domain names?

Absolutely! We like to be a 1-stop shop for all your IT needs.

A benefit of having your domain name and hosting through us is that we will make sure they don’t expire without your consent, which often happens with other providers.


#23 – What are my support options?

Our recommended support options are our managed service packages. These are monthly payments where we proactively work to keep your IT running.

Some packages include a fixed fee, where there is unlimited IT support. These packages include SLA’s so we are fast to respond to your requests.

We also offer Break/Fix services with no commitment. When you have issues you can contact us and we will attend to it.

#24 – Can you support our phone system?


We do offer VOIP using our providers and hardware to our clients. Of course, this is fully supported by our team.
However, if you use VOIP through another provider or have your own onsite PBX we may be able to support you but will need to look into it first.

#25 – Is it better to have a technician come to our office or have them fix issues remotely?

We fix most issues remotely, using our remote access software. However, we do like to come onsite for larger issues as well as a regular visit from time to time. Often we find other issues and can provide more value when onsite.

#26 – Our files are all over the place. Often we can’t find things and it’s inefficient searching for them. Can you help?

Yes. We can help set up a logical folder structure with correct permissions for staff access as well as training on how to use the best tools to find your data the quickest.

E.g Google’s Cloud Search is perfect for this.

#27 – Is free Anti-Virus software any good?

First and foremost, you never want to go without security protection on your computer!

Free Anti-Virus has very low detection rates. Give us a call and we will be happy to inform you of the latest security software we recommend and sell to all our clients for Spyware, Malware and Virus protection.

#28 – Do I need Antivirus software for our Mac’s?

Yes, you do!

We have had to inform many Mac users that they are vulnerable to getting Malware and other nasties. In fact, we have fixed many of these over the years (not as many as Windows machines though).

For more information on reasons to install AV on your Mac computers, read this article.

#29 – What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is the most common form of malware. It is mostly delivered via email or unsecured remote desktop connections. The malware will hold your data or files hostage until you agree to send payment to the cybercriminal to get access to your data (ransom).

For more information on Ransomware, read this article

#30 – What are the best practices for IT Security?

For most small to medium size organisations, it’s best to have an IT security review done at least once per year.

Also, the Australian Government has a list of 8 security practices all organisations should have in place, known as the Essential 8.  If this is followed and maintained then the likeliness of your organisation being attacked is significantly reduced.


#31 – Do you provide IT training for our staff?

Our most common training is for using Google Workspace as well as cyber threat awareness training.
We are able to perform custom training, if required, as well.


#32 – We have been hacked! What should I do?

Follow your cyber incident response plan. If you don’t have one then turn your systems off and call us ASAP so we can advise on what to do. It’s important to act as quickly as possible to reduce the damage.

#33 – How do I know if my username & passwords have been leaked on the internet?

If you use Google Chrome, it will advise you if it detects you’re using login credentials that have been leaked on the internet. Another option is to perform a manual scan using an online checker like HaveIBeenPawned

#34 – Can I get the NBN?

Call us to find out! We work with a number of internet providers to provide our clients with the best option for cost and reliability.

#35 – How do I start with Onsite Helper?

Engaging with Onsite Helper is as simple as a phone call or e-mail to one of our friendly specialists. We offer a range of services and will happily discuss the right option for your business.
We pride ourselves on our engineering skills and will provide you with honest, obligation-free advice.
Phone: 1300 889 839
Email: enquiries@onsitehelper.com


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