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Onsite Helper’s Google Workspace Security Audit boosts the productivity of your organisations by checking its vulnerabilities that may lead to data loss or leaks, potentially costing you money and trust with your clients. 

For over 10 years we have helped hundreds of businesses and schools make sure their IT systems are set up for efficiency and security. 

As part of our commitment to the Google ecosystem, we have specifically developed a comprehensive security audit to ensure that there are no risks or threats, which looks at best practices when it comes to the way Google Workspace is set up and used throughout your business, whether desktop, laptop or mobile. 

Our Security Audit Looks At over 50 specific points of risk or poor set-up, and prescribes best practice for your business type, including:

  • Administrator & Super Admin permissions, access, backups and security keys, as well as reviewing the existing audit log for high risk behaviours.
  • User enforced security, password reuse & health, activity reports & alerts, as well as identifying and securing compromised accounts.
  • Email authentication, configuration and encryption. As well as disabling IMAP/POP access, automatic forwarding and setting up comprehensive email storage.
  • Cloud sharing & collaboration limitations and global sharing permissions, file access and public publishing.
  • High Risk management of sensitive data such as credit card numbers & 3rd party apps, as well as correct backups.
  • Device (laptop, tablet & mobile) permission, security, backup and management.

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We’ll also send you the full list of health check points.

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