How to Enable the New Gmail Features and Redesign

There are new Gmail features to use and a new Gmail streamlined look to enjoy. Onsite Helper will show you how to enable them and use the new Gmail!

How to try the new Gmail features and redesign

Google’s whole idea behind the redesign is to better integrate other Google apps such as Meet, Chat, and Spaces. The redesigned Gmail is set to roll out to all users, bringing a fresh new face to your emailing experience.

New Gmail Filters, Features and Design

How to Enable the New Gmail Filters, Features, and Redesign

Gmail’s integration with the other Google Apps used to be rather cluttered. For an unfamiliar user, it can be a little overwhelming and they might find the important stuff that they need to work on to be covered with apps and features that they aren’t using.

The new “integrated view” shows a much cleaner menu. There’s a collapsible panel that shows the App main menu, allowing you to easily shuffle through Gmail, Chat, Meet, and Spaces, instead of having all of them occupy their own drop-down tabs. The new notification bubble also makes it easy to see what’s going on between different apps in a neat and clean manner.

How to enable the new Gmail redesign

The rollout for the new Gmail look has just recently begun so it might not have reached you yet. However, if you want to try and see if it has reached you, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Settings menu in the top right
  2. Under “Quick Settings” click the “Try out the new Gmail view”
  3. Reload Gmail in a new window

These changes might not have drastic effects on the way you work with Gmail right now. However, Google promises to make things more intuitive, less cluttered, and much easier to use.

How to access experimental Gmail features

Experimental Gmail features are pre-releases that users can use to test and share feedback about potential changes to the platform. Should you decide to opt-in and access Gmail features in advance, you can do so by doing the following:

  1. Use your browser to open Gmail
  2. Click Settings in the top right corner, See all settings
  3. Under “General”, scroll down to Experimental Access
  4. Check “Enable experimental access
  5. Click “ Save changes” at the bottom of the page

Access all of the Google Workspace Apps and Features

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