Do You Need Cloud Computing for Your Business This 2022?

Improving how a game works is definitely different from changing the whole game itself — and in the sphere of technological advancements, one of the innovative trends that changed the a-game of many businesses is cloud computing

cloud computing

Now, Onsite Helper’s main question to you as a business owner is, did your business already embrace the cloud? 

If it hasn’t yet, well, there are many factors at play behind that. But most business owners who haven’t adopted the cloud, don’t really know what cloud computing is all about–how it can help their business, how it can improve their processes, how it can ensure productivity. 

Today, let us, Onsite Helper sheds some light on the matter and tells you everything you need to know about cloud computing. 

What is Cloud Computing?

First thing’s first, let’s pin down the meaning of cloud computing—to be more specific, cloud computing for medium-sized businesses

The cloud provides a method or system for your business to manage your computing resources online. The word cloud denotes the internet, which means, you store and access your data files and applications through it.  

With this, all your data is not stored in the hard disk of your computer, enabling you to access the files and applications needed to do work from any device, anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection, any time you prefer. 

To simply say, cloud computing is a method of sharing software, information, and other resources via the internet. 

The cloud has become a staple system in any kind of business right now, whether small, medium, or big. It has been estimated that to date, 85% of businesses around the world use the cloud. The biggest businesses that utilise this are Facebook and Netflix, for the storage of all their data and delivering services to their users. 

Cloud adoption is accelerating faster than ever

Did you know that cloud computing is best for remote work setup? If you’re running a remote business in Melbourne, Victoria, or anywhere in Australia, let’s make it stronger with cloud computing. As professional cloud service providers, we are dedicated to making your business more manageable with the latest software and information. Speak to us right now!

What are the Key Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Now you know the meaning of the cloud. You’ve also known that most businesses in the world nowadays, regardless if they’re big or small, use the cloud. Cloud computing puts itself on a higher pedestal within the technology industry due to its fast development and prominence to businesses.

The next thing you’re wondering about is what can you and your medium-sized business benefit from cloud computing? Below we’re highlighting the key benefits that you will get from it, which are very important in doing business this year, 2022.

However, we would like to assert that the exact benefits a business gets from the cloud vary on the type of cloud technology it’s using. 

1. Cost-effective and Efficient

When you move to the cloud, there is no need to replace your existing hardware infrastructure. You’re only required to implement some software and you’re good to go. It’s a total misconception that when you switch to the cloud you must spend a lot on upgrades of your existing hardware. Yes, there are changes but they are only minimal. Compared to the output provided by cloud technology, the changes are always worth it.

Typically, when you want to store all your business data and ensure quality storage and security, you would have to spend a lot of money on infrastructure, both hardware, and software. This is on top of your payment to an IT staff to manage your data. But when you use cloud computing, you can definitely cut down your expenditure as it does not need any physical hardware investments and trained personnel to maintain the hardware.

2. Great Storage

As you continue to run your business, the number of files, as well as their formats, continue also to grow. Businesses, even the smallest ones, work with presentations, graphics, models, and prototypes, which need storage systems with big capacity. All businesses need gigantic storages to store their files. Using cloud computing, you don’t have to think about running out of local storage spaces. 

3.  Agility and Flexibility

The cloud increases your business flexibility by reducing complexity. To reduce complexity, the cloud simplifies internal operations and enables automation. 

With cloud computing, businesses can respond well to competitive pressure. Sometimes, staff, time, and capital may not be available in the measure to react. With the cloud, this problem can be entirely removed. Businesses can continuously adapt their technology requirements to their operations without any additional costs. 

Cloud computing has a pay-per-use model giving businesses the flexibility to scale easily. It does not only make staff members work outside of the office effortlessly, but it also makes medium-sized business owners manage their business easier at any time, any day, from anywhere.

Before it may take days, weeks, or months to upgrade IT infrastructure when a business grows or scales up. With the cloud, it’s only a matter of minutes for your business to fully upscale. On the other hand, when your business, unfortunately, shrinks such as what many faced during the peak of the pandemic, they can also quickly reduce their cloud resources to save costs.

It’s also worth noting that when starting a business, cloud computing has a low upfront cost compared to investing in IT infrastructure. However, ongoing costs may outweigh this as the business progresses.

The cloud also allows subscribing to platforms, systems, and other services that can be scaled up and down according to the needs of your business organisation. And you only got to pay for what you’re using and not with any extra charges. 

Onsite Helper, leading cloud service providers

Cloud services are one of the core solutions Onsite Helper is offering to our clients. As the leading Google Workspace partner in Melbourne, Australia, we want business owners to be able to focus on their businesses, while we handle the nitty-gritty technological stuff. Learn more about our cloud services today!

4. Cybersecurity and Backup

Cybersecurity is the most important aspect when considering the cloud for your business. All businesses have some important data which they can never afford to lose. And when you use cloud computing, it assures you that your files are all safe. But we always recommend backing up to a 3rd party for added security, should anything happen to your cloud provider. Know more about backups by reading one of our notable blogs here.  

The cloud ensures that data should not be lost or modified by unauthorised users. Aside from providing large-scaled data, the cloud also provides data processing services. Many businesses use the cloud as a backup plan for disaster recovery. 

Cloud computing takes a multi-layered approach when securing all your business data. It also conducts constant updates for thorough protection against the most advanced cyber threats and attacks in the world. 

5. Enhanced Collaboration

Team communication and collaboration get to be more convenient when utilising cloud computing in your business. All your staff can access documents and records faster, making them do more together easier and better. Thus, providing you with more productivity. 

The integration of cloud communication into your business emails means you can easily view availability and initiate a chat from an email when you want to. 

6. Automatic Updates

When you use cloud computing, service providers take care of all the regular software updates. They assure the latest versions of the applications that your business has been using are available to you when they’re released. Instant upgrades are also available to boost productivity. 

Should You Use Cloud Computing?

Some of the cloud computing benefits not highlighted in this writing are: 

  • Advance online security
  • Self-service
  • Multiple applications operating in a shared environment
  • Resilient computing
  • Effective virtualization
  • Web-based control & interfaces
  • API access available

Cloud computing is much more than a service or tool to store data and information. It changes the way businesses work, letting both business owners and staff members have more freedom, at the same time control over their resources. Undeniably, the cloud continuously evolves through time. And with the pandemic that has struck the world, it’s more likely that many businesses will invest in cloud solutions to maintain, if not improve business performance and continuity.

The greatest gift that the cloud has probably given the business sector is a totally new perspective when doing or running a business. 

If you don’t want your business to be left behind, we recommend you take the time to see what parts of your business cloud computing can fix or greatly improve. Then, talk to us, the most reliable cloud service providers and Google Workspace partners in Melbourne, Australia. 

We have been implementing cloud services for medium-sized businesses from Melbourne, Victoria, to all throughout Australia. Our team of professionals can guarantee helpful and dedicated service throughout the entire migration process.

What are you waiting for? 


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