Did you Know Your Mac Computer Can Get Viruses Too?

Did you Know Your Mac Computer Can Get Viruses Too?

In our experience as an IT support company we get to deal with all sorts of IT-related problems, but one that stands out from the crowd comes from Apple Mac computer users. Many live with the impression that Apple devices are not vulnerable when it comes to threats such as viruses or malware.
While the computers produced by Apple do look perfect, they are not protected against cyber-attacks by default. It’s true that MacOS is more secure and more difficult to corrupt than Windows, but this doesn’t mean a determined hacker can’t go through a system that doesn’t even use an
Mac Computers are More Attractive for Cybercriminals Due to recent Windows OS development, the platform is more secure than ever, which makes it difficult to breach. As such, cybercriminals would rather focus on an easier target, and Mac computers and devices are right up their alley.
Given that these devices have built-in malware protection (due to the UNIX platform that stays at the very basis of MacOS), many users consider this to be enough. While the overall MacOS platform is more secure, malware is still a problem, especially if you run the entire company with Mac
computers without an antivirus.
But individual users are at risk as well! It is a well-known fact that Mac users must invest more money in their computers than Windows users (devices are more expensive). As such, hackers can easily
assume that the same users can afford to pay a larger ransom in the case their files are being held hostage (ransomware).

What is There to Do?
The first step towards a more secure IT environment is to install an antivirus. However, you need to have a working knowledge of the antivirus software to know which one works best for your needs.
This is why we recommend hiring a specialised team, like Onsite Helper, to do the job swiftly and smoothly.
Finally, the antivirus is only one layer of protection that doesn’t take into account human error (the number one reason why secure networks fail). As such, we always recommend a multi-layered security solution for all our customers.

The Time for Action is Now!
If you use Apple and Mac devices without an antivirus solution, now it’s the best time to do something about it! Give us a call or send us an email and our specialists will be happy to provide you with guidance and help.

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