Deleting users in Google Apps

This video shows the process of removing ex employees from Google Apps.

It’s very important for a business to have an employee termination process to protect the businesses data as well as ensure there is an archive easily accessible if information needs retrieval.

Best business IT support services recommend the following steps for better managed IT services in your company.

1. Reset user password
This should be acted on straight away to prevent possible data loss or malicious behaviour from any disgruntled ex-employees. Once a user’s password is reset, it will lock them out of all Google Applications such as Email, Calendar, Drive, etc. This will take effect the next time they open their browser to access the systems.

2. Reset sign-in cookies
Any business It support will advise you to cover situations where the user may continue to have access to their data where their browsers are not closed. It is usually the case where the user has enabled passwords to be saved on the browser. Resetting cookies immediately kicks them out of any open session and requires them to log in again which they won’t be able to do as the password would have been changed.

3. Google takeout
Google Takeout archives their entire Google Apps profile into a zip file, which you can download to a computer/server or upload it back to a central storage in Google Drive.

This will come especially handy now that most of your employees are performing work from home services. Even in the near or far future when you will be recruiting people for work from home jobs, or employing freelancers, this will be really helpful to you.

As a business, you can have a Google workspace ID and can directly allot a sub ID within Google workspace itself to your employee, which will be under your control, the password being known to you. So when it would be time for you to let the person go, you can simply use Google Takeout from the same Google workspace account to archive the data and use it as required for your other workers or the next employee that you would recruit. If the process seems too complicated to you, you can hand out your tasks to managed IT services who will take care of everything.

4. Wipe the device remotely
If the ex-employee of yours is using a computing device with internet access to operate emails, documents, calendars and contacts related to your company, then you can remotely wipe the account from their phone/laptop or factory reset the phone to wipe everything. This will, again, be beneficial while dealing with a work from home employee when you don’t have physical access to the device the person is using and it hadn’t been possible for you to take out the data before him/her leaving.

5. Change owner for Google Drive items
When someone creates a document, slide, or a spreadsheet in Google apps, it adds him/her as the original owner of the document. All the requests regarding the particular file reaches only the owner and he/she is the one with full control over the sharing, editing, or even restricting access to the document. It is highly recommended by all business IT support services to change this name of the owner to the company owner himself/herself, once the document is fully ready to use. You, as the owner of the company, would want this control to be with you, especially in case the owner of the document would be leaving your organisation.

6. Delete or rename user
Rename the user and email address to a new account if someone is taking over that person’s role and needs their history of emails and other data. Otherwise delete the account if this is not necessary.

7. Email forwards
Another important guidance from most business IT support services is for you to create an email alias for some other user in the organisation to whom the emails sent to your ex-employee would be forwarded to.

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