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Got more questions about Onsite Helper services? Our FAQ page might be able to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Do you charge to review my current IT environment?

No. We offer a Technical Report Card of your IT environment at no cost and no obligation. This allows us to determine the following:

  • How your IT environment is currently performing against the industry’s best practices
  • Identify any potential vulnerabilities
  • Ensure your current IT support is adequate for your needs
  • Discuss a long-term strategic plan for your business

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#2 – Can I purchase IT hardware, software and cloud subscriptions through you?

Buying hardware and software can be complicated and expensive when you get it wrong.

The risks are many, but here are some of the most common situations we encounter:

  • operating systems that don’t work on some networks,
  • anti-virus software that doesn’t work with certain email systems,
  • backup systems that actually don’t provide any real protection,
  • Internet connections that don’t support VOIP or can cope with your network.

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#3 – Can you provide support interstate or international?

Yes. Although we are based in Melbourne and have some remote staff in the Philippines, we are able to provide Managed IT support services and remote support using tools like TeamViewer. We can travel interstate for larger projects and we are part of a trusted IT community called SMBIT Professionals where we can attain another technical resource in most parts of Australia.

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#4 – Our intellectual property is confidential, how can we trust you?

We have policies in place to ensure we won’t have access to your information unless you specifically request it.

One of our policies is to not keep records of employees login credentials. If your employees need their password, we can only reset it as we won’t have it on file. We have also been in business for 14 years and our Google Reviews show we are a trustworthy operator.

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