Chrome OS – The Second-Most Used OS In The World

Chrome OS - The Second-Most Used OS In The World


After what can only be described as ages, the market for desktop operating systems is changing, with a refreshing challenger disrupting the tops. While Windows is still the leader, Apple is no longer in the second place as it has been dethroned by Chrome OS.

Chrome OS is the new kid on the block of operating systems, with a web-based interface (it uses Google Chrome as the user interface) and easy access to Google web apps that make life easier for users (Google Workspace is a great example here). The OS is open-source and is developed and owned by Google. It also runs on cost-effective Chromebooks that can be used for both business and education purposes. In addition, Chrome OS is compatible with a wide range of Android apps (due to access to the Google Play Store), which makes the system more suited for today’s world.

Considering all the features mentioned above, there is a specific market share that finds Chrome OS and Chromebooks extremely appealing. Therefore, the operating system is constantly gaining in popularity and is now the second most used OS in the world.

According to data from the IDC, the change started to happen at the end of 2019, but the events of 2020 accelerated the trend and produced some interesting changes in the technology market.

For instance:

  • Windows sales went down 4.9 points (as buyers turned to Chrome OS)
  • Chrome OS went up 4.4 points
  • macOS went up 0.8 points

Therefore, as more PC producers included Chromebooks in their offer (brands like Google, Acer, Asus, Dell, or HP), customers had the opportunity to try a different type of operating system. In addition, the need to work and learn from home may also have contributed to this development since Chromebooks and Chrome OS are already integrated with the necessary tools for these activities.

In addition, businesses learned there is a faster and easier-to-use OS out there that can protect their interests and help improve productivity. Besides, using ChromeOS and Chromebooks, businesses can integrate remote services without too much effort. It’s also a device that can easily work with Google Workspace and other Google apps and tools for collaborations, which makes it easier to keep everyone in the loop.

Another great feature of Chrome is that you can easily deploy Chromebooks to your end users directly from the distributor when you purchase a Chrome Enterprise licence (supplied from a Chrome Partner like Onsite Helper) without the need of your IT team having to set up the new device. This significantly reduces the time it takes to onboard a new employee or replace faulty hardware as well as the cost of IT labour.

Lastly, Chrome OS comes with integrated security tools and automatically creates backups to your files. Moreover, most Chromebooks are equipped with a TPM chip (a piece of hardware that protects your data) in order to add an extra layer of security.

So, if you’re interested in trying the next most popular operating system for your business, we have an amazing offer! Use Chromebooks in your business as a trial – it is 100% risk-free! If your business is compatible with this type of device, then you can expect to save around 50% on IT costs! In addition, things will get simpler and you’ll benefit from a higher level of security.

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