Chrome Management: The Perfect Tool To Keep Your Business Under Control

Chrome Management: The Perfect Tool To Keep Your Business Under Control

When it comes to business management, Google for Work is one of the best solutions. However, if you want to enjoy the full experience, you need to use Google Chrome as your main browser. Here, at OSH, we recommend Google Chrome to all our clients because it implements hundreds of extensions and plugins that enhance your productivity and keep you in control of the entire business process.

If you are already using Google for Work with Google Chrome you understand how useful it can be. Still, because you will be dealing with a wide range of extensions, as your business gets bigger, you won’t be able to keep control. First of all staff members have various preferences and this leads to a mixture of apps and extensions which may make the workflow harder. Next, not all extensions can be trusted since Google is not the only one developing them. So how do you get to keep control of your business and still enjoy the amazing apps developed for enhanced productivity?

Well, there is a simple way and we call it OSH Chrome Management! Google Chrome Management is a tool delivered with your Google for Work 

subscription and offers you the possibility to control your staff’s activity using specific extensions and add-ons. However, it may be a bit difficult to manage which is why Onsite Helper is your best choice. We implement specialized solutions and we administer and personalize your Google for Work experience quickly and swiftly.

Here are some of the most important benefits you can get with OSH Chrome Management

  • You can train all your employees at once with Google Training app or you can help keep the productivity at high rates even during offline times with apps like Gmail and Google Drive offline.
  • You will be able to push new information to everyone at once. For example, you can introduce a new supplier or update the company price list and everyone will be informed in no time using bookmarks. This saves you precious time and your employees won’t have to keep looking for the updates.
  • Only allow approved or recommended Chrome Apps in your own Company Chrome Web store. This is great for add-ons, apps, and extensions you don’t want to push out to everyone automatically but have it easily accessible for those who wish to install them.

If you’re still not set on Google Chrome, keep in mind that most modern business IT software and systems are moving to the cloud. This is the inevitable outcome for all businesses, regardless of size, and you must think about this. Google Chrome is the most popular browser nowadays and all your cloud services fit perfectly with this browser. You may notice already that you have less software programs open but more Chrome tabs instead. This is mostly due to the plethora of add-ons and extensions available on the market. Even more, Chrome is now supported by independent developers as well. So there is no limit when it comes to creativity.

However, none of these tools will be of use in your business if you don’t learn to manage them at a larger level. As a manager, you have to know how to implement these amazing tools on all your computers and you have to convince staff members on their usefulness.

At OSH, our team of experts is well-trained in handling Chrome Management for small to medium businesses. So, to help you out in your journey to good management and business efficiency, we’ll share some of what we learned with you.

Why do I need Chrome Management?

If you still don’t see why such a tool would be useful for your business, let us mention a few scenarios where your job would be made a lot easier.

Setting user policies

Each business device must be governed by certain rules to make sure the employees are using them correctly. Now, if your employees use Chrome as their main browser, setting up policies can be extremely easy. With Chrome Management, you just set them once, in the cloud, and push them towards the intended accounts.

Example: Chrome Management allows you (or your system administrator) to hide the ‘Show Password’ button. This means that you can store passwords in their browsers/devices and they can use these passwords but they will not actually know them. This is important because Chrome (and other browsers) have a huge security flaw by making saved passwords easily accessible to anyone who has access to your computer when you’re not around. The same is valid if you accidently forget to logout of Google Chrome form a random computer.

Anyone  can go into Chrome Settings and click the Show Password button to reveal all of your personal saved passwords such as email, bank logins, etc. Chrome Management lets us disable the Show Password button to keep all your staff’s passwords secure.

Of course, the example above is just one tiny fraction of what you can do with such a tool. From setting up rules for printing to how the startup page should look like,you have complete control over your devices.Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 7.03.27 AM

Main benefits

If the examples above didn’t convince you, let’s discuss some of the benefits for your business:

  • Improved security – Chrome has a wide range of add-ons and extensions but not all are good for business. Some are a distraction while others can be a security threat. With Chrome Management, you decide who gets to use what. Also, certain access features and sites can be blocked so your data are protected.
  • A unified work environment – everyone uses the same tools which make training easier. Even more, the entire system is setup so new employees can start doing their job as quickly as possible. Also, changes are pushed to all accounts at once without too much hassle.
  • The system administration can be outsourced – OSH is one of the experts in Chrome Management and we can help you administer your business with Google for Work. This way we’ll take the burden of administration of off your shoulders and allow you to think about development and improvement.

As you can see, Google for Work and the business management possibilities it offers are quite amazing. This is something you shouldn’t ignore if you plan to grow the business!

OSH can help you manage your Chrome environment and can keep your systems secure and up to date with recommended enhancements for all your staff. If you want to learn more, we invite you to take a look at our OSH Chrome Management material.

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