Celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016 with an additional 2GB & a Google security checkup

Celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016 with an Additional 2GB & a Google security Checkup

There are over a billion Google users out there (this also includes services like Gmail, Google for Work, Google Docs & Drive) and we all think about security, but how many of us actually make the step and perform a security checkup?

Google tries to raise awareness on our online security by offering quite a sweet deal: an additional 2GB of free space to use how you like. This is actually the second time Google gets involved and celebrates Safer Internet Day by giving away free storage space in exchange of a 2 minutes security checkup. So, if you’re a regular user, you’ll have a total of 17GB of storage space. Otherwise, if you’re a Google for Work user, your total storage space will be 32GB.

The 2GB also apply in the case that you already purchased additional space; it will just add on to the existing amount. The only account that doesn’t get this addition is the Google for Work Unlimited, but there would make no sense to add to an unlimited storage space.

Anyways, we should consider doing this kind of security checkups more often. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes and it’s really easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Access the security checkup page and log into your Google account
  • The first step is to check your recovery information (phone & email address) to make sure you can recover your password in case someone hacks your account. Make sure they are up to date.

google security checkup 1

  • Next, review the devices that are connected to your account. If any of those look unfamiliar, let Google know.
  • Complete the Google security checkup by verifying your account permissions.

google security checkup 2
And that’s it! Your account is safer now and you have 2GB of extra storage space. Still, you shouldn’t wait another year for a new Google security checkup!

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