Hangouts Meet Premium For All Google Workspace Users

  The world is facing a global crisis with the spread of the novel coronavirus (aka COVID-19). In an attempt to contain it and limit its action, authorities in the most affected areas ask people to stay at home and avoid travelling for as much as possible. Luckily, we have the technology to support these […]

Current Threats In The Cyber World

  The last few years brought new development and growth in the cybersecurity industry, which has reduced the wide-net approach implemented by ill-intentioned organizations and individuals. Due to the latest security technologies, both businesses and individuals can now use better defenses like the 2-factor authentication method, data encryption, or a layered approach that works at […]

The New Google Smart Lock app for iPhone

  Given the number of leaked databases, it’s safe to say that the standard method of protecting online accounts (username and password) is not working. All it takes is a well-targeted phishing attack and the security of your company or personal accounts is gone. In fact, phishing is one of the most efficient threats to […]

Support a Good Cause & Recycle Computers Responsibly

  Let’s face it – the modern world runs on computers. Whether we’re talking about high-capacity servers, cloud-based services, business PCs, or personal PCs, our lives orbit around technology. We use computers at home, at work, at school, while commuting (smartphones are basically miniaturized computers), and almost every daily task requires tech involvement. In fact, […]

What’s Your Action Plan In Case of Cyberattack?

  If your emergency response in case of a breach includes pulling cables and shutting down servers, something is not right. No company regardless of size, activity, or location should resort to this type of action! Now, whether you work with a cybersecurity company to keep your systems up and running or you keep it […]

United in the Fight to Save Australia’s Treasures & People

Together, we can make an impact Australia is going through extremely difficult times, and it’s up to us, local businesses and individuals, to come together in an effort to make things better! The Onsite Helper team is joining in the fight to save, protect, and rebuild wildlife habitats and affected communities. We do so by […]

When you took their keys back, did you cancel their passwords, too?

  This blog gets at a really important topic for businesses, especially smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of extra resources for dealing with IT admin. Using a centralised access control system to make sure your systems aren’t accessible by people who have left your company is really important to overall security. The last […]

What’s the best way to change your passwords? Often, and with best practices in mind.

  An alert pops up on your computer: It’s time to change your password again. Sigh. Fine. You’ll just change from password4! to password5! and — Not so fast. Regular password changes are meant to make sure that even if someone gets your login credentials, they won’t be able to use them forever. But if […]

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