Google Hangouts Meet Hardware: The Perfect Fit For Google Workspace Businesses

Hangouts Meet is a video meeting solution designed for businesses that want to enhance communication and create the best video meetings experience (for both partners and employees). The solution comprises of specialised hardware that goes in small to large meeting rooms and is readily available for meetings any time of the day or night. To […]

New Drive Update: Priority Page to Increase Focus & Productivity

If you feel like half your day is wasted digging through files, looking for resources, or failing to find files that are relevant to your needs, Google Drive has your back! To make sure you and your employees don’t lose focus, Google has recently launched the Priority Page for Drive users. Here, you’ll find the […]

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Must Adopt the Cloud

#4: More Flexibility The use of cloud-based solutions gave birth to a new concept called shadow IT. This signifies that employees and people associated with your organization can use hardware, software, web services, and cloud applications without the express consent of the IT department. As a result, people have more flexibility when it comes to […]

Google Workspace vs. Office 365: Which Cloud Office System to Choose?

  Moreover, long-term collaboration with the right partner will lead to lower costs when you’ll need to scale the business IT structure and less exposure to current cyber threats (due to proper maintenance and upgrades). Is It Worth It? If you’re still wondering if you should give up your current on-site data server system, we’re […]

Google: Best Platform for Small and Medium Business

  Google commissioned a Total Economic Impact (TEI) survey with Forrester Consulting to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with investing in Chrome devices and software. The survey was done on 236 organizations and Forrester Consulting interviewed seven customers with years of experience using Chrome devices. Here are some of their key findings: […]

How to Reduce your Internet Usage as a Company / Organisation

  Depending on your Internet provider, the bill you get for bandwidth usage at the end of the month can be quite a burden on your budget. Now, you may think the current subscription is enough for your current needs. After all, how much bandwidth do you need to do a bit of research online […]

Google’s Sandbox Security Feature – What It Is & Why Businesses Need It

Google’s Sandbox Security Feature – What It Is & Why Businesses Need It With the recent Google Workspace migration from G Suite, customers everywhere also discover new and improved features that make business life easier. For instance, one of the features to consider is Sandbox security for Gmail and Chrome.  As the name says, the …

Secure your Windows 10 Computer using Google Workspace [Easy to Understand Steps]

  Windows 10 is a great OS (as evidenced by its popularity among individual and business users), but it still needs refining in some areas. Security, for instance, is an aspect that must be carefully considered, as ill-intentioned actors continue to find and exploit new vulnerabilities. This can lead to phishing and ransomware attacks, confidential […]

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