One of Melbourne’s premier hotel and conference facilities were experiencing internet dropouts and massive disruptions to their network. As the hotel had such a large area to network, they were finding it increasingly difficult to setup and maintain their own IT network. They really needed their IT network to be running smoothly during periods when hosting national and international events. Our solution: We replaced the hotels unreliable internet connection with a corporate symmetrical internet connection to address the dropouts. A great feature of this new connection is that the internet speed can be increased x5 within a days notice. Onsite Helper reviewed and simplified the hotel’s IT network. A lockable network equipment cabinet was also installed throughout the venue for security. A schematic of the network was drawn up for easy reference. The new setup gives the hotel flexibility to offer clients a private network service. This is ideal for their clients intending to hold conferences at their venue providing secure, reliable and fast network and internet. Our solution created new opportunities for the hotel allowing them to provide a service that is not often offered by their competitors.

Technologies provided by the hotel at hosted events:

  • Live webcast video streaming of events to the internet
  • Multi-room conference feeds allowing all sites to connect to network resources
  • Demonstration and exhibitors requiring super fast broadband link to showcase Internet products
  • Live participation via smartphone apps using wireless network to present on screen

These are just some of the examples of tailored integrated IT solutions we have provided to clients. Call us now to see how we can help you!

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