A successful Melbourne physiotherapy practice wanted to setup a new office as part of their business expansion. They required their new office to be fitted with new computers and telephones. They wanted an integrated solution for their new office such that they could receive all calls and electronic correspondence as if they were in their main office. They also wanted the flexibility to work from home and have their mobile devices synchronised with shared calendar and emails.

Our Solution

We sourced and setup high quality computers and software products for the business at the lowest prices available. We sourced a free software to setup Virtual PCs allowing access to their home office data from anywhere in real-time further saving the business on costs. A fast business grade Internet connection for both offices was setup which came with a 99.9% guaranteed up-time service level agreement. Further a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system was put in place to allow:

  • staff to receive calls to the main numbers from both location
  • staff to transfer calls from one office to the other
  • voicemail to email for each phone extension
  • free calls between the two offices
  • drastically reduced call costs and line rental costs Google Apps was installed to allow the sharing of calendar appointments. We also synchronised the Google Apps calendar and emails with staff phones and ipads. An automated offsite backup solution was also implemented to ensure the integrity of the business data at all times.

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