Google Apps represent the future of any type of business in today’s world where you need consistency and reliability when it comes to work processes and communication. Regardless of the fact that you want to integrate your emailing system with Calendar and make it more efficient or you need manage documents in your network, the Google Apps collection is the best fit for businesses. The best part is that the implementation is quite simple and easy to perform. However, businesses need the assistance of an experienced IT company like Onsite Helper that can offer a team of professionals and impeccable services. With our help and a properly set Google platform, your business’s performance can only get better. Not to mention that most of these apps are free and user-friendly.

Company profile

Fonda was founded in 2011 and today the company manages a chain of 5 restaurants in locations like Richmond, Flinders Lane, Windsor, Hawthorn, and Knox. They are specialized in Mexican cuisine and their staff is constantly growing. Right now, the company employs 100+ people but they plan to expand and the need of a system that is properly organized is pressing.


Google for Work is a fantastic solution for Fonda’s situation and Onsite Helper can help with the proper implementation. For instance, Google for Work replaced a wide range of systems they used to use. Here are just a few:

  • They used Office 365 for email, calendar & contact sharing which was replaced by Google for Work
  • The same happened with Dropbox and the free Google Drive account. This increased security by setting correct access permissions per each department. This way users got the correct access rights to each folder & file.
  • Staff members started to operate using the browser (Google Chrome). We used Chrome Management to push out extensions and apps to all staff including the Google training extension.
  • We setup a centrally managed system for signatures which would automatically populate staff contact information based on their Google account profile
  • We also provided onsite training to staff on how to best use Google for Work to help increase adoption
  • And finally, we implement 3rd party backup for the entire Google account to safeguard the business in the event of accidental or malicious data loss.

Capabilities of Google Apps

Google Apps offer a wide range of solutions that are designed to fit any business of any size. For instance, for Fonda, it brought the following benefits:

  • Improved email processing by operating Gmail in the browser and leveraging Google search technology over previous email client (Outlook). We registered, on average, a 50% email speed efficiency increase.
  • Onboarding and offboarding staff administration processes were simplified and are more secure.
  • The ongoing costs for expensive Office 365 licenses & Dropbox were reduced by 64%. Staff no longer need Microsoft Office applications which means huge future savings as the business grows

“At Fonda, we’ve been wanting to make the switch from Office365 to Google for Work for a while. The ability of our restaurant leaders to be able to collaborate on documents is really important and we also wanted to centralise all our document storage from Dropbox and the free version of Google Drive. We were a little apprehensive about whether all our data could be brought over from Office 365, Dropbox and Google Drive to Google for Work. Adrian and the team at Onsite Helper did a great job of moving the data seamlessly overnight. Onsite Helper also went above and beyond, responding to requests specific to our organisation. This resulted in zero disruption to our business. We’re really glad we made the switch to Google and chose Onsite Helper to partner with!” – Dion Factor


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