Company profile

Cryomed is in the medical, aesthetic, and beauty industry and has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. They work with clients all over Australia and
New Zealand.

Their role is to deliver high-end technology products, education and training, and marketing assistance to beauty clinics, medical facilities, and beauty salons. This means they need to communicate with customers and leads from all over the country, and their internal business system must be extremely well-organized so everyone can be in the loop.

Their IT-Related Problems & Issues

The company approached Onsite Helper with regards to the following topics:

  • They were using Dropbox and Microsoft Hosted Exchange but soon learned that Dropbox lacked control over permission for file sharing.
  • They needed a solution to conduct better video conferences (Skype wasn’t fulfilling their needs.
  • Changes to their IT environment were slow and cumbersome to make. For instance, to add or remove email accounts, they had to go through their Managed Services IT provider, who was often slow to respond and needed chasing up.
  • They were looking to reduce their IT expenses and improve their IT Security.

Why Did They Choose Google Workspace?

First, there’s the cost factor. It turns out that the Google Workspace Enterprise package was significantly cheaper (30%) than the combination of 3 services they were using (Dropbox, Hosted Exchange & Skype).

Second, Google Workspace allowed them to have all their services seamlessly integrated into one platform that’s readily available on any device.

Finally, when they heard about the video conference device Google offer (Hangouts Meet Hardware), this sealed the deal.

Problems Solved by Using Google Workspace

Better IT Customizations & Monitoring

As we mentioned above, they were looking for a way to speed up the customization of their IT environment. So, the fact that Google Workspace lets users administer their account using the admin console, meant their business could operate faster. Furthermore, Google Cloud partner: Onsite Helper and Google Workspace help desk are readily available for support.

Not to mention that access to the admin console provides better visibility over account usage and security via the reporting features.

Overall Productivity

Things improved in terms of staff productivity as well because employees can now work with Google Docs & Sheets (over Microsoft Word and Excel). These tools offer better functionality, visibility, and collaboration possibilities due to features such as:

  • Version History – everyone uses one file, not multiple files for saved versions
  • View History – they know if certain people have read a document and when
  • Comments – allows people to have conversations within the document and not via email. This reduces confusion and lost messages.


Another aspect that improved due to the switch to Google Workspace was remote collaboration. The company was using Skype prior to the change, and now they are using Hangouts Meet Hardware. This solution enables the head office to meet with staff from Melbourne & New Zealand offices without too much fuss.

The staff just needs to book the meeting in their Google Calendar and the video conference hardware is ready to go. There’s no messing around trying to call or get people to join using codes and other annoying tools. Furthermore, non-Google users are also able to call in and join the meeting via their phone! Also, the meetings can be recorded, which is perfect for their training sessions.

IT Security

Finally, the company wanted to make sure their network and data are secure from accidental or intentional breaches. With Google Workspace Device Management, we were able to make sure that only authorized computers & phones can access the company data. If a device is lost or stolen, we can remotely wipe the emails and Google Drive data from it, thus preventing any data breaches.


Onsite Helper was able to provide a flawless migration, with no downtime to the business. They even flew us over to train the staff, which was the best way to kickstart their Google Workspace experience.

“We were able to reduce our IT costs by 30% when replacing Dropbox & Microsoft with Google Workspace. There has also been significant time saving with IT administration and usage of Google Drive. Google Workspace is moving our business forward!”- John Filler

Executive Director, Cryomed