Melbourne-based creative digital agency transitions to perfect work from home solutions in this post-pandemic era.

Almost all of the businesses around the world were caught by surprise when the Covid-19 pandemic happened. Consequently, they were forced to work remotely for the safety of the staff while still operating for clients. Bravo! was not an exemption from this scenario as they moved from being an office-based company to having staff working straight from their homes. And as with most abrupt transitions, certain problems arrived and for their case, it was the access to their VPN, which was stationed back in their office. 

The staff had limited access to their VPN, thus preventing them from working smoothly and productively away from the office.  So how did Bravo! solve this problem? By simply seeking out our help.

Company Profile

Bravo! is a Melbourne-based creative digital agency that imagines, designs, builds, and markets user-centred digital experiences and products with mobile, web, and emerging technologies. For years they have served a wide range of clients. Their user experience specialists and technologists apply human-centred design using the latest technologies and delivering remarkable solutions. 


Their IT-Related Problem

Bravo! has several employees that require connection to internal databases and certain restricted services, such as APIs and servers. In some instances, 3 to 10 employees should all be connected at one time. Thus, they have a VPN solution. 

Employees perform various tasks every day such as:

  • Pulling down source codes
  • Updating content management systems
  • Deploying files and fixing troubleshoot issues using the servers

Bravo! has their VPN solution stationed in their office. However, due to the pandemic and all staff working remotely, access to this VPN became limited, if not impossible. So they need a stable, fast, and cost-effective Cloud-based VPN solution that can be used for several years to replace their office VPN and secure the efficiency of their work processes.


How Did Onsite Helper Help? 

Considering the preferences of Bravo!, Onsite Helper conducted: 

  • Installation of Azure cloud-based VPN solution since Bravo! currently uses Azure and Azure Active Directory
  • Thorough testing of the VPN’s performance, making sure that it can handle heavy traffic, and it’s fast for all users without unnecessary restrictions.
  • Creating a document of instructions on how to log in and use the VPN solution
  • Creating an SSL.

And all of these are done within a 2-week timeline. 


The Problem is Solved

Stronger Collaboration and Communication

With the new VPN solution, staff at Bravo! Can now do their work without any trouble. Yes, they work straight from their homes, but the quality of their work can now be at par with that when they’re still in the office. 

The collaboration and communication they have now with each other are smooth and clear, just like when they’re personally seeing each other in the office. 

Productivity is maintained, if not enhanced. 


Work From Home Solutions and Setup From Now On

After the success of having cloud VPN, Bravo! now embraces the perfect home-based setup, in the post-covid world. The maintenance of having a big office is now out of their concern which makes their company able to save some costs. They’re functioning in the best way possible while in the comforts of their home. 



Onsite Helper was able to assist Bravo! in the time when they needed a big help in eradicating the struggles brought by abrupt switching to work from home setup that affected their productivity. Now, not only did they champion against their struggle but also they’ve created a perfect home-based setup. 


“We engaged with Onsite Helper to setup a cloud based VPN and they were able to meet our brief on time and on budget.” – Patrick Mancini, Executive Director of Bravo! 

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