United in the Fight to Save Australia’s Treasures & People

Together, we can make an impact Australia is going through extremely difficult times, and it’s up to us, local businesses and individuals, to come together in an effort to make things better! The Onsite Helper team is joining in the fight to save, protect, and rebuild wildlife habitats and affected communities. We do so by […]

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When you took their keys back, did you cancel their passwords, too?

  This blog gets at a really important topic for businesses, especially smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of extra resources for dealing with IT admin. Using a centralised access control system to make sure your systems aren’t accessible by people who have left your company is really important to overall security. The last […]

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G Suite Price Increase

G Suite Price Increase Google recently announced that, starting April 2nd, 2019, they will increase the monthly prices for Basic by $1 and Business by $2

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Find Out If Your Credentials Have Been Leaked On The Internet

Find Out If Your Credentials Have Been Leaked On The Internet Considering the increasing number of cyberattacks on small, medium, and large businesses all over the world, we think it’s crucial to keep a continuous state of alertness when it comes to IT security. There were too many cases of companies that lost clients and […]

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The real cost of IT issues

The Real Cost of IT Issues // Have you ever thought about what the real costs are when it comes to your IT issues? Research

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