How to Use S/MIME as an Extra Layer of Email Protection

How to Use S/MIME as an Extra Layer of Email Protection It’s difficult to imagine life without emails – especially as a business. Even though the technology is quite simple and it’s been around for decades (literally) it still sits at the very core of business communications. After all, this is the technology that allowed […]

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5 Ways To Save Money With Google Workspace Administration

5 Ways To Save Money With Google Workspace Administration #1: Clean-up Old Google Workspace Accounts Many businesses are wasting money when it comes to managing their Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite & Google Apps) services because they don’t do a periodic account check-up. For instance, one of the most common and significant situations […]

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New Google Workspace Updates for Better Security & Efficiency

#7: Updates on the Directory Settings Section This section is used to provide end-users with access and control over the parts of the organisations directory information they can see and change. After the update, admins will get to use a new interface that will offer three sections: Sharing, Profile, and Visibility settings. To learn more […]

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How to Fight Ransomware [The No. 1 Threat for Businesses]

How to Fight Ransomware [The No. 1 Threat for Businesses] 2020 is no one’s favourite year, but even without the added pandemic anxiety and costs, things don’t look great for businesses with low IT security. With more users going online (for shopping, work, and entertainment), we also see an increase in cyberattacks. Businesses and organizations […]

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7 Ways To Secure Your Accounts Against Phishing In Google Workspace

7 Ways To Secure Your Accounts Against Phishing In Google Workspace While Google is working hard to keep Google Workspace users away from the threat of phishing, there are also some things you (or your account administrator) can do. This way, with a strong internal defense and the help you get from Google specialists, attackers […]

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Alert – Outbreak Of Hacking Of Gmail Accounts

Alert – Outbreak Of Hacking Of Gmail Accounts Use of email in the modern era is a fast, cheap and efficient way of communication. The danger here is that there is record of all your communications neatly and conveniently stored in one place – your email account. It can include contact name, addresses, phone numbers […]

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5 Tips To Lockdown Your Google Workspace Security

#1: Have your users complete a Security Check-up The Security Check-up needs to be done by each user. Moreover, it is recommended to do this every few months to ensure there are no issues. For this, instruct your users to go to // This will show the apps that have access to your data at […]

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New Drive Update: Priority Page to Increase Focus & Productivity

If you feel like half your day is wasted digging through files, looking for resources, or failing to find files that are relevant to your needs, Google Drive has your back! To make sure you and your employees don’t lose focus, Google has recently launched the Priority Page for Drive users. Here, you’ll find the […]

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Google Drive: Backup & Sync VS File Stream

When it comes to accessing Google Drive data on your computers, you have a few options. Google Backup & Sync Google Drive File Stream Access via Web Browser  Google originally had an app called Google Drive Sync however this was discontinued on the 12th of May 2018. In its place are two newer models called […]

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Benefits Of A Google Workspace Partner

Are you planning on moving your business to Google Workspace? Or you already are on Google Workspace and you are looking for better usage? In both situations it is recommended that you do your research and find the right partner that suits your business needs. You don’t really have to go with a Google partner. […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Must Adopt the Cloud

#4: More Flexibility The use of cloud-based solutions gave birth to a new concept called shadow IT. This signifies that employees and people associated with your organization can use hardware, software, web services, and cloud applications without the express consent of the IT department. As a result, people have more flexibility when it comes to […]

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Google Workspace vs. Office 365: Which Cloud Office System to Choose?

  Moreover, long-term collaboration with the right partner will lead to lower costs when you’ll need to scale the business IT structure and less exposure to current cyber threats (due to proper maintenance and upgrades). Is It Worth It? If you’re still wondering if you should give up your current on-site data server system, we’re […]

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Google: Best Platform for Small and Medium Business

  Google commissioned a Total Economic Impact (TEI) survey with Forrester Consulting to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with investing in Chrome devices and software. The survey was done on 236 organizations and Forrester Consulting interviewed seven customers with years of experience using Chrome devices. Here are some of their key findings: […]

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How to Reduce your Internet Usage as a Company / Organisation

  Depending on your Internet provider, the bill you get for bandwidth usage at the end of the month can be quite a burden on your budget. Now, you may think the current subscription is enough for your current needs. After all, how much bandwidth do you need to do a bit of research online […]

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How strong are your passwords?

How strong are your passwords?   In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in hacking due to poor password management. A recent retail company located in Melbourne engaged our services to recover from a hacking breach of their Google Workspace accounts due to a password being used for all their online services, which […]

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Google Suite becomes Google Workspace [What to expect as a customer]

Google Suite becomes Google Workspace [What to expect as a customer] For more than a decade Google has been at the forefront of transforming how people communicate and collaborate using their suite of office tools. However, the current situation (with the Covid-19 pandemic) has heightened both the need for and the urgency of rethinking how […]

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