Best Cloud Storage Provider for Businesses in 2022

Every good business has gone through the trouble of going through the best cloud storage providers to pick the best one that fits their needs. No matter how small or large your business may be, having the best cloud storage solution from the top cloud storage provider is vital. Properly safeguarding your files, documents, especially sensitive data is always essential when running a business. 

Onsite Helper has seen businesses suffer in the past from not having their data backed up in the cloud. The lost data, work progress, and client information could cost your company a lot of money. Choosing the right cloud storage solution for you can be difficult. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cloud storage providers out there. They all provide competitive packages, different features, and more. So to make the process a lot easier for you, Onsite Helper highlights five of the best cloud storage providers available in the market this 2022.

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Best cloud storage provider for businesses in 2022, an overview

Google Workspace

The best cloud storage provider for businesses with incredible Google App integrations

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, has a wide range of business features. It was built with a high priority for collaboration and security in mind. Getting a Google Workspace subscription grants you access and business features to the full suite of Google Apps such as Google Drive, Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Admin Console, and so much more.

Also, if your business already heavily relies on these Google Apps, then it wouldn’t be so difficult for you to upgrade your business to Google Workspace. Getting more out of your Google Drive is definitely worth considering, especially if you know the best setup of Google Drive for businesses. On top of the real-time collaboration, security is one of the forefronts of Drive’s priorities. Lastly, security is handled by real-time syncing, encryption, document scanning, two-factor authentication, labels, and Data Loss Prevention or DLP restrictions.

Reasons to buy Google Workspace

  • Tools and services go beyond cloud storage
  • Unparalleled Google integration
  • Effective and admin-controlled data policy controls

Reasons to avoid Google Workspace

  • No password protection for shared files
  • Storing everything locally affecting desktop utility

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Fast and intuitive cloud storage solution

iDrive is definitely on-par with Google Drive when it comes to popularity. It offers a wide array of features that makes it the best cloud storage solution for a lot of people.

iDrive allows for real-time syncing, multiple device backups, support and compatibility for older file versions. Additionally, it features 30-day retention for deleted files. This, without a doubt, provides a lot of ease for users. Moreover, their security features include end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. iDrive’s mapped network drives allow for the preservation of full disk images, it also allows you to manage computers all from a web-based console. Lastly, activity reports and 24/7 support are also available for users or businesses that need them.

Reasons to buy iDrive

  • Bare-metal disaster recovery standards
  • Custom-designed physical drive housing protection systems
  • Fast and intuitive platform

Reasons to avoid iDrive

  • Storage is not unlimited
  • Slow upload for files in synced folder
  • Basic sharing options only
  • No two-factor authentication

Cloud storage solution with no file size limits

pCloud offers an impressive storage service with plenty of features that are tailored to businesses. From real-time file syncs, data management from different devices, and unlimited file sizes, it’s safe to say that pCloud, overall, is an excellent package!

When it comes to working with teams, pCloud allows admins to provide different access levels for each of the users or members. Additionally, their security comes with a sophisticated search function, dedicated security modules, and everything easily scales with its users. These options are also easily customisable to fit your own branding.

Uploaded files are covered with 256-bit AES encryption and you can enable two-factor authentication for added cloud storage security. pCloud offers a lot of redundancies, which is something you definitely want to hear when it comes to cloud storage. Your data is stored in a minimum of three different physical facilities. Furthermore, your deleted files are automatically backed up for 30 days.

On top of all this, pCloud also allows for automatic backups for files that are from Dropbox, OneDrive, and even Google Drive.

Reasons to buy pCloud

  • Seamless sharing options
  • No file size limits
  • Lots of redundancies on data storage
  • Strong privacy

Reasons to avoid pCloud

  • Document creation and collaboration tools are not as good as the others in the market
  • Encryption costs extra

Secure cloud storage solution for businesses

Out of all the cloud storage solutions mentioned so far, Backblaze is the most different one. Instead of offering the usual real-time collaboration or real-time synchronisation, they’ll monitor your files regularly and automatically add new or updated ones to their cloud-based backup server. This way, you’ll subsequently always have a copy of your files if you need it.

To its core, what Backblaze is going for here is a simple install-and-forget model. Just have Backblaze around, and when something disastrous happens, you can rest easy knowing that your files are backed up by Backblaze. They also offer unlimited cloud backup storage with fast end-to-end encryption. Their packages are only for one device, however, it’s undeniable that their services are very important and essential, especially for businesses.

Reasons to buy Backblaze

  • Unlimited encrypted cloud backup storage
  • Install and forget
  • Fast and reliable cloud storage

Reasons to avoid Backblaze

  • No full disk backup

Cloud storage provider with Windows, Office, and Outlook integration

If your business is well integrated with Office 365, then Microsoft OneDrive will be the easiest cloud storage provider to use for your business. With its seamless integration with Outlook and other Microsoft tools, the use of OneDrive would be within familiar territory.

OneDrive provides good functionality and features. These features especially include flexible backup options, automatic uploads, basic photo-editing capabilities, real-time synchronisation, personal vault, ransomware detection, and 30 days of file restoration option for deleted files.

Additionally, if you use Teams and Sharepoint in your business, OneDrive will be able to smoothly work with those apps with plenty of real-time collaboration options. 

Reasons to buy Microsoft OneDrive

  • Best integration with Windows and Office 365
  • Smart ransomware detection
  • Management tools and enhanced security

Reasons to avoid Microsoft OneDrive

  • Only allows syncing of particular folders
  • Has lesser free storage compared to other cloud drives in the market

How to choose the best cloud storage provider for your business in 2022

One of the first things that you should do when you’re trying to choose the best cloud storage provider for your business is set your requirements very carefully. Assess your business from the inside out and figure out what exactly you are looking for in terms of features, usability, versatility, compatibility, and more.

When it comes to security, you might be after a cloud storage service that provides end-to-end encryption or two-factor authentication. If you’re looking for something that you don’t have to worry about, you might be looking for automatic backup or upload features. And if you’re looking for cloud-based solutions that offer so much more than storage, a full cloud office suite such as Google Workspace might work best for you.

Make sure that you’re also getting the most out of your cloud storage provider. Having the right cloud storage for your business could subsequently be the key to elevating your business this 2022.

Moreover, if you’re already a Google Workspace user, Onsite Helper has technical experts to help you when you experience some troubles and when things go wrong. So, if you currently have some problems, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our Google Workspace experts today for support. 

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