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Businesses, more than ever, have been investing a lot of resources into developing apps and programs. In this competitive landscape, apps that can simplify work, handle repetitive tasks, as well as perform mundane assignments are highly in demand. This is simply due to the fact that automation allows businesses to focus their efforts on the more important and pressing matters. Before, only developers and programmers were capable of creating such feats. Now, anyone can develop programs that can greatly assist businesses with the help of Google AppSheet. In this blog, Onsite Helper talks about Google AppSheet and how you can use it for your medium-sized business.

What is Google Appsheet?

Google AppSheet - Onsite Helper Australia

Google AppSheet is the quickest and easiest way to build apps and automate tasks. Without any coding necessary, this app allows you to create solutions that can simplify repetitive and tedious work.

What can you do with Google AppSheet?

With AppSheet, you can create apps for desktop and mobile from scratch that are capable of the following feats:

  • Collect data from users using forms, barcodes, photos, locations, as well as signatures
  • Customised features, branding, security, and UX design
  • Automatically send an email, push notifications, and SMS to clients, prospects, as well as your team
  • Create a funnel that follows your own workflow logic with custom triggers and conditions
  • Smart document processing and character recognition with machine learning models
  • Intelligent integrations with Google Workspace Apps (Gmail, Docs, Sheets) and third-party apps like Office 365 and Dropbox
  • SQL databases, Apigee, and OData integrations

Why did Google buy AppSheet?

Google acquired AppSheets to equip businesses with the proper platform to create apps, automate, and simplify work where they can without having to code.

In January of 2020, Google announced its acquisition of AppSheet. Numerous medium-sized businesses and enterprises have tried this no-code application development platform. At the time, AppSheets had the highest score in the commercial model criterion with its expertise in mobile app development, data application, design, as well as scaling. Evidently, this complements Google’s strategy of creating an enterprise platform for innovation without having to write a single line of code.

The combination of AppSheets and Google Cloud’s expertise allows for a digital transformation that is sure to help industries in varying fields.

How can businesses benefit from AppSheet?

People without any experience with app development or programming can create apps that can be used on mobile and browsers. At the same time, AppSheet users have the creative freedom to design their interface. On top of the app development features, businesses can also benefit from the workflow automation features of AppSheet. Instead of having to manually send an email, SMS, responses, and notifications, or having to rely on a third-party app to do it, you can now do it all within the Google Workspace ecosystem.

Is AppSheet for free?

Google recently announced that Google Workspace customers are now able to purchase AppSheet Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus as add-ons. Contact your Google Workspace Partner or contact Onsite Helper to avail and enjoy Google AppSheets.

Right now, you can explore AppSheet and test your apps with up to 10 users for free. When you’re ready, you can sign up for a plan or contact Onsite Helper to plan and deploy your apps. AppSheet is available for the following Google Workspace plans:

  • Google Workspace Essentials
  • Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus
  • Workspace Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus
  • Workspace Education Plans
  • Legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers

Is AppSheet for you?

If you’re interested in creating functional apps that your employees or clients can use to navigate your business better and reach more people, AppSheet is definitely for you. You no longer have to complicate yourself with code when you can use your time and resources to do other things that matter. Don’t let the lack of experience hold you back. 

With Google AppSheet, reaching prospective customers as well as existing clients has never been easier and more accessible. Enjoy AppSheet and the whole suite of Google Workspace Apps to level up your business! 

Contact Onsite Helper today and we’ll get you started in no time. Onsite Helper, Australia’s leading Google Partner, specialises in helping businesses in Melbourne, Victoria, and all over Australia through Google Workspace migration and managed IT services.

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